The COVID-19 patients whose symptoms linger for months

(Natural News) Paul Garner, an infectious diseases expert with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, calls himself one of “Boris Johnson’s herd immunity group,” the patients who contracted COVID-19 in the UK before the country instituted any lockdown measures.

His symptoms began with a very mild cough, but within days he developed multiple other symptoms, including exhaustion, loss of sense of smell, and a racing heart – symptoms that left him feeling like he had been “clubbed over the head with a cricket bat.”

As reported by The Guardian, at one stage Garner became convinced that he was going to die from the disease. He felt so ill, in fact, that he was not even able to navigate a screen to Google his disease.

Nonetheless, he never imagined that his battle with COVID-19 would continue for seven weeks in a “rollercoaster of ill health, extreme emotions and utter exhaustion.”

And he is not alone. More and more people are reporting an array of symptoms that nobody thought to associate with the coronavirus, and many are finding that the disease can take hold for far longer than the two weeks that they have been warned to expect. (Related: Coronavirus survivors face a

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