Trump executive order to require drugs be made in the U.S. is reportedly imminent

(Natural News) An executive order is reportedly being prepared by the White House that will require that certain essential drugs are made within U.S. borders – and it’s a move that feels long overdue to many who are concerned about the country’s concerningly high dependence on China.

Sources told CNBC that the order could come out within days and is part of a wider effort to secure the supply chain across sectors viewed as being related to national security, such as medical supplies, drugs, defense equipment and semiconductors.

FDA Director for Drug Evaluation and Research Janet Woodcock testified before Congress in October that 72 percent of the pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers that supply America are situated overseas, and 13 percent of them are in China.

When it comes to medications specifically, 90 percent of drugs in America are imported – and perhaps not surprisingly, most of them come from China. Lawmakers have been expressing concerns over the possibility of supply chain problems should American continue to depend on China for its medical resources.

On a visit to a distribution center in Pennsylvania last week, President Trump announced that he had signed an executive order that gave the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation

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