Egypt cabinet approves bill to keep sexual harassment victims anonymous

Egypt’s cabinet has approved a bill which will keep the identities of women filing complaints of sexual assault a secret.

However, identities could be revealed to courts and defendants on request.

The bill follows the the widely shared news of serial rapist Ahmed Bassam Zaki, who was accused by some 50 women of various sexual crimes including rape, sexual assault and harassment.

He was also accused of blackmailing women with fake and real nude shots and by threatening to commit suicide.

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Zaki, 21, confessed to a number of the accusations including of one who was a minor at the time.

As the case unwound, it was revealed that in 2016, when Zaki was a senior at the American International School in Cairo, allegations were made against him yet punitive action was not taken, reinforcing the view that impunity for sexual harassment perpetrators is rife in Egypt.

A graphic calling Ahmed Bassem Zaki a rapist, posted on an Instagram profile claiming to collect evidence against him [assaultpolice / Instragram]

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