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Fondling In Plain Sight: Austin Police Under Fire Over Viral Video Of “Routine” Traffic Stop

A routine traffic stop has resulted in widespread outrage after an Austin, Texas police officer performed a search of a young woman while a crowd of onlookers filmed the incident.

Video which appeared online Tuesday resulted in a storm of controversy. While police say the officer acted “appropriately,” the woman has accused the officer of sexual assault, given that while he patted her down looking for drugs or weapons he appeared to grope her breasts.

This is fucking disgusting.
Austin, Texas PD @Austin_Police

— 𝕾𝖆𝖒 (@mo0nlitruby) July 6, 2020

Police said the woman was taken into custody due to “multiple hazardous traffic violations”. A report in Yahoo News/ describes of the viral video of the incident:

In the video, which circulated Tuesday, the woman, identified by police as Rosalinda Nuno Trevino, demands a female officer while the officer continues to search the woman in front of a parked police vehicle.

In a statement published on July 7, the Austin Police Department defended the officer’s conduct. It said the officer, who has not

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