Scrabble Players Association Removes 236 ‘Offensive’ Words

The North American Scrabble Players Association announced it is removing more than 200 words from the official list of words eligible for scoring in the word-building board game.

The CEO of the association, John Chew, has been making the rounds with media outlets to explain the “necessity to take action on issues of diversity and inclusivity” as Chew wrote in a letter to association members.

Chew, however, has not revealed the list of banned words with the exception of the N-word.

Chew posted a letter to members about the word debate on July 8, including explaining the results of a members poll. 

The letter said, in part:

[Poll respondents] ranged from White supremacist screeds to naive expressions of faith in the fundamental goodness of all people. Some members threatened to leave the association if a single word were removed; others threatened to leave the association if any offensive words remained. There were a lot of good and bad arguments on both sides.

I learned a lot about our community in the past weeks. We have a lot of racists, and we have a lot of bleeding-heart liberals. We have people of every colour on every side of the debate.

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