Tunisia: Government is committed to providing jobs in southern province

An adviser to the Prime Minister of Tunisia has said that the government is committed to providing job opportunities in the southern province of Tataouine, Anadolu has reported. The province has seen a lot of social tension recently following accusations that the government has not fulfilled its pledges made in a 2017 agreement.

However, Jaouhar Ben Mbarek said on Thursday that the government is committed to all of its “operational” pledges in Tataouine. He made his comment during a visit to the province to meet the various parties involved in the Kamour Agreement and make preparations for a ministerial delegation to visit the governorate in the coming days.

“Within the framework of the continuity of the state, the government is committed to all of its pledges mentioned in the Kamour Agreement among others,” Ben Mbarek explained. “Indeed, Tataouine deserves more than the Kamour Agreement.”

Tataouine has witnessed three weeks of protests and a general strike affecting all public institutions, and the entire oil and gas sector, where production has fallen. The protesters were reported to be heading for the Kamour area on Thursday to conduct a sit-in.

Tunisia: Tataouine on open strike, including oil and gas fields

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