LIVE Webinar with SELCO: Survival Communities (Tomorrow)

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Facing the difficult times ahead will be a true challenge – and if you don’t have a survival community behind you, it will be even harder.

But how do you connect with the right people? What are the components of a functional survival community? Do you have the right skills to be an asset?

Selco, Toby, and Daisy will discuss all these things and more during a two-hour LIVE webinar tomorrow afternoon (July 12th) at 3:00 PM Eastern Time. Get ready to learn about what it takes to become part of a community. You’ll also receive some individual assignments to help you assess your personal situation.

As a bonus, those attending will be able to ask questions which will be answered in a separate recording which you’ll receive within 48 hours after the webinar. The webinar itself will be recorded if you can’t attend live, and if you