As It Did in Libya, Turkey Recruits Syrian Militants to Fight in Azerbaijan

Turkey Recruits Militants to Fight in Azerbaijan ff5c1

Private sources in the northern countryside of Aleppo stated that the Turkish forces started recruiting numbers of its armed fighters to send them to Azerbaijan in order to assist the Azerbaijani forces in confronting the Armenian army.

According to sources, Turkey opened special promotion offices in different parts of Afrin northern Aleppo, to attract the militants and encourage them to sign contracts by which they would move to fight in Azerbaijan for a period of six months, renewable in case they wanted to.

According to the contract, the militants receive a monthly salary of $2500, while the advantage of granting Turkish citizenship to the families of the militants in case they died is absent, contrary to the contracts that Turkey had signed with the armed men who wanted to move to Libya.

The sources said that Turkey has designated centers for registering militants wishing to fight in Azerbaijan within the towns of Genderes and Raju, along with Afrin city, and these centers have already started receiving requests by the militants.

This Turkish move comes in a scenario identical to the one that Ankara followed during its intervention in the Libyan war, as it sent thousands of militants, mostly from the northern countryside of Aleppo, to fight in Libya alongside the government of “National Accord” against the “Libyan National Army” forces led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, after being enticed with large financial salaries and giving their families Turkish citizenship, along with several other privileges.

Turkey had sent thousands of its armed men to Libya to support the government of “National Accord”, as it transported them through “Gaziantep” international airport in batches, but it incurred huge losses there after large numbers of its armed militants were killed, whose bodies have arrived and are still arriving successively from Libya to the north of Syria.

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