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Video Transcript: The Cancer Revolution – The Truth About Stress & Cancer

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So why do you care about stress with cancer? Because stress creates more cancer. It promotes, it suppresses. We have these little things called natural killer cells. It suppresses the natural killer cells from attacking the cancer. Here’s all the great things. The first thing you should do before you get out of bed is I want you to thank God, for all the things you’re thankful for. So foods, okay, Lancet Publication, health alert. Lancet, does everybody know that publication? It is a very respected publication. Do you know you have a 20% risk of dying with a nutritional deficiency? This study came out this year.

Now, they said they will change the teaching in medical schools today because of this landmark study. Yes, it’s true. And you guys need to know your nutritional status. It’s a blood test that’s covered by your insurance company. Please, bother yourself to know your data. So food is powerful. Food is scientific information to turn on cell signaling in the body. How phenomenal is that? And you heard all different people talk about all the great food and all the wonders. And I tell people, there’s no one-size-fits-all. I do the keto, a paleo, and the vegetarian, and the raw. And I’m like, “Oh my God, just confused the patient.”

You know what the best test is? Do it for five days, do you feel great, or do you feel like C-R-A-P? Then you know. You’re your own scientific study. Do your own bioengineering. You got to move. You heard Dr. Harmon, who’s a wonderful guy that I met. And we have to move. You do not have to do a marathon, you do not have to do an Iron Man, you do not need to be a triathlete. But you want to reduce your risk of dying by 15%? Climb stairs, eight flights a day. Everybody has stairs somewhere. Climb a flight, because walking doesn’t do the same thing as climbing stairs.

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Why does movement matter? Lymphatics, it’s an antidepressant, helps your immune system, and it’s incredible. Just figure out some way. You heard all weekend, you got to cleanse the body. You have to cleanse the body. One of the most important thing is drinking water. And one of my most favorite things for cleansing is the infrared sauna. The single best investment you can make in your health is sweating and heat. So here are all the different things you can do. You’ve heard about juicing, and liver cleanse, and parasite cleanse, they all matter. You heard Paul from Synergy Science talk about the power of hydrogen water. I have a whole house water system in my house. I drink hydrogen water all day. If you don’t know about hydrogen water, go to Molecular Hydrogen Foundation and see all the scientific studies. You will be convinced. So the solution to pollution is dilution. Drink your water, but don’t drink pharma tapped water. Please, invest in yourself and get a good purification system.

Sleep. 50% of the population doesn’t sleep. If you take a sleeping pill, you increase your risk of dying by 34%. But please, do not take a sleeping pill. Figure out all the different ways you can get to sleep because that will determine every system in the body that’s working for you. So what’s the future of oncology? There’s a couple of things. Now, these are targeted treatments. Okay? We do the background of the matrix to make sure the body is healthy and working for you. But here are targeted treatments.

The SOT, I’ve been doing for five years, stands for Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique. What it does is it takes the circulating tumor cells, reverse engineers a new messenger RNA to disrupt the DNA of the cancer cell and the STEM cell. That can be done for cancer and viruses. IPT, sometimes we have lots of tumor burden, I have to shrink the tumors with low dose chemo using insulin as a Trojan horse to bring in the chemo drug to kill selectively the cancer cells. So sometimes we have to do that. ATA, that’s a new thing. It’s an attenuated tumor antigen. What they do is “morselize” all the circulating tumor cells to get every protein fragment of the tumor cells. This necrotic tissue that they grind up, they get the mitochondria and the messenger RNA, they get all the membranes, and they create an antigen.

So what happens is we have cells called dendritic cells. Dendritic cells present antigens to the immune system and say, “Attack me and destroy me.” So that is given back with each person’s cancer. Because you can’t use one other person’s cells for another person, it’s given back as an IV or a subcutaneous injection. Three weeks, a three-week break, and given three more times weekly. Salicinium is a nontoxic treatment. And what salicinium is, it’s a vegetable glycome that basically attacks all anaerobic cells. Anaerobic is no oxygen, and it will attack all the anaerobic cancer cells and viruses. A recent Stage 4 study was done with salicinium, and it’s a very, very nontoxic, effective tool to change the environment of anaerobic cells.

Mistletoe. Mistletoe has been around for a hundred years. It has over 3,000 studies. And what mistletoe does is it helps the immune system. It prevents blood supply to the cancer, and it prevents metastasis. It is made from a plant. It started to be utilized in Europe, and now Johns Hopkins is doing a study utilizing mistletoe. It is invaluable. It’s a very anti-aging tool as well. Photodynamic laser therapy. Dr. Weber from Germany started his laser treatment back in 2003 or four, I think. It was brought to the United States this year, and our doctors went to an international conference.

And what it does is it uses a chromophobe, a color-loving substance like curcumin, which is the spice turmeric. It may use some high CG green, which is chlorella, it may use Poly-MVA— we have different substances that activate the pathological tissue, which is the cancer tissue. You use different lights, five different lights, each light is exposed to the body for 10 minutes, and each light creates reactive oxygen species to destroy the pathological malignant tissue. It is used for cancer, it is used for viruses and bacteria, and other chronic infections. It has a very, very, very long history. It will also kill circulating tumor cells. Dendritic cell vaccine, sometimes we use that on patients who have no tumor burden and a low amount of circulating tumor cells, and this is designed to give you permanent immunity from the cancer. Dendritic cell vaccines are done all over the world.

Now, in the future, there will be very sophisticated— When I say future, 2020. There is going to be something called precision-based immuno-molecular augmentation. And what that means is, they’re going to map out each individual’s cancer; if you have cancer, your cancer genome, and what they will do is they will see the most common sequences of the mutations, they will create counter-intelligence to silence the expressions of the gene and create rapid edits. Have you ever heard of CRISPR technology? Yes. CRISPR technology is new technology to in utero, correct, hereditary defects. So this is going to be done individually with each person’s cancer genome, and it will unravel each person’s cancer to give you permanent long-term survival.

So this is what’s coming in the future. They will take a biopsy— your blood and urine— and like I said, isolate all the protein fragments, and then create targeted treatments to unravel your cancer genome and create complete cure and healing. So we’re living in very exciting times, that we do have more answers than we did 20 years ago. And I am just happy that I’m able to teach you and educate you and empower you on all this methodology that is constantly changing all the time.

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