Biden: ‘We Can’t Rebuild Our Economy And Meet This Crimate Clisis’

biden dumbstruck

Joe Biden got tongue-tied while reading a teleprompter on Tuesday, saying, “We can’t rebuild our economy and meet this crimate clisis. [sic]”


After Biden first approached the podium, he attempted a joke, which promptly fell flat.

“Good afternoon everyone,” he said. “Welcome to Kingswood Community Center,” he continued, before standing for several moments, mouth agape.

“Actually, that’s the one down where I used to work. That was a joke,” Biden said.

No one could be heard laughing.

Another time, a reporter was forced to correct the candidate when he misstated the city that was to host the Republican National Convention.

Biden said it would be in Tallahassee, and a journalist responded, “Jacksonville?”

“I mean Jacksonville…Florida,” Biden said.

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