Russian Foreign Ministry on Missile Defense, Venezuela, and Dialogue with the US on Strategic Issues

Russian Foreign Ministry on Missile Defense, Venezuela, and Dialogue with the US on Strategic Issues

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

I’m not an emissary of or in any way connected to the governments of Russia, China, or any other nations.

I’m a retired US small businessman turned pro bono writer in retirement — committed to truth-telling on major issues, polar opposite how establishment media operate.

What they suppress is what I prioritize writing about. No one pays or directs what I do.

It’s my way of expressing support for world peace, equity, justice,  societies safe and fit to live in, along with governance serving the rights and welfare of everyone, not just the privileged few.

On Friday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry (RFM below) commented on the following issues discussed below.

It slammed US war department fake news, falsely accusing Russia and China of challenging the Pentagon by “developing several increasingly sophisticated missile defense systems” its officials claim are “a threat.”

RFM: “We take this (claim) as part of a targeted disinformation campaign seeking to discredit Russia.” 

“Clearly, there are unscrupulous attempts to ascribe to us some aggressive and dangerous plans, this time in missile defense.”

“Unmistakably, this is about the United States trying to justify its own large-scale and expensive programs for creating and modernizing weapons and plans to build up its military presence around the world” aggressively.

Seeking military superiority to advance its imperium at the expense of world peace and stability, US “propagandists us(e) the traditional ‘rivalry between powers’ approach.”

For decades, the US abandoned international treaties, conventions, and bilateral deals to advance its own interests.

Its so-called missile defense is largely for offense by provocatively deploying systems close to the borders of Russia, China, Iran, and other nations on its target list for regime change.

It plans to militarize outer space to facilitate warmaking.

What Washington falsely calls defensive is hostile to peace, stability, and the rule of law.

RFM: “It is important to understand that the fast-expanding architecture of the US missile defense system is changing the strategic balance of forces in the sphere of offensive weapons, creates major additional global instability risks, and contributes to forming dangerous conditions for stepping up a nuclear and space arms race.”

In response to Russian efforts to replace brinkmanship with mutual cooperation, “Washington and its (subservient NATO) allies” rejected its responsible outreach.

Proposed initiatives by Russia to defuse tensions and step back from the brink of possible confrontation are ignored by both militant wings of the US war party.

Commenting on US war on Venezuela by other means, RFM explained how its democratically elected government is dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks at a time when its national security is greatly threatened by US war on the country by other means that risks turning hot.

Hotbeds of coronavirus outbreaks are in “areas bordering Colombia from where Venezuelan migrants return home.”

Despite virtual Trump regime economic blockade, the Maduro government is “rendering all necessary assistance to arriving compatriots.”

Russia provides aid. RFM “urge(d) South American countries to expand cooperation with their colleagues from Venezuela for joint prevention of the spread of the coronavirus infection among the most vulnerable groups.”

An agreement between Caracas and the Pan America Health Organization (PAHO) was reached to provide “protective gear and diagnostic equipment…to Venezuela.”

So far, the Trump regime hasn’t threatened sanctions to block the initiative, what could come at any time as part of its scheme to inflict wide-scale human misery on millions of Venezuelans.

As constitutionally mandated, National Assembly elections are scheduled for December, preparations already underway.

RFM’s call for the US and its imperial partners to cease efforts to topple Venezuela’s lawful government fell on deaf ears in Washington and in other regimes that are complicit with its imperial project.

In the past week, Russian officials met with their US counterparts in Vienna.

Space security and other strategic issues were discussed, Russia’s delegation headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov.

RFM stressed that Moscow “is open to continuing a dialogue with Washington on various strategic issues,” adding: 

“We consider it extremely important, in particular to try to prevent the further destruction of international agreements in this area.” 

“At the same time, we plan to continue to build our relations with the United States in the area of arms control on a strictly parity basis, relying on the principle of mutual consideration for each party’s interests and concerns.”

History shows that Washington’s word is rarely its bond, time and again breaching earlier agreed on treaties, conventions, and bilateral deals.

It’s why both wings of the US war party can never be trusted.

Its endless wars on humanity at home and abroad represent an unparalleled global menace.

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