Peacefulness Intensifies at Hollywood Hills Rent-a-Party

When I went out for a walk at dusk, there were three news helicopters hovering over Mulholland Drive near Coldwater Canyon at the top of the Hollywood Hills a few miles to the south. Back in the old days, helicopters over Mulholland likely meant Charlie Sheen getting into a spat with Denise Richards, but lately it’s somebody rents a house and throws a giant party. This one had something to do with NFL players and/or rappers.

The LAPD went by for lack of social distancing, but failed to break it up: black privilege, I guess.

Later on in the night, lots of gunfire, which you can hear at the 4:25 and 6:05 mark on this Instagram video. At least three people were shot.

One of the houses on my block down in the flatlands (much smaller) is being rented out on Air B-n-B for parties, which I’m not crazy about.
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