Interview on The Last American Vagabond: Fighting Modern Censorship

In this interview for The Last American Vagabond, I had a fantastic discussion with founder Ryan Cristian about how modern censorship is being done today and how we can fight back. This interview is an in-depth look into how the mainstream media seeks to shape minds and it allowed me to present a solution with my new platform, ISE Media. My team recently launched the beta version of the platform and it’s been exciting to talk about how this platform is bringing huge changes to how individuals are able to view content.

Our equity crowdfund for ISE Media also launched recently along with the platform, and with the support of investors in this crowdfund we are aiming to increase content volume, user functions and much more. We have created this crowdfund which not only helps our team continue development and expansion of the platform, but allows investors to actually own a part of ISE Media. Unlike outdated conventional media companies, our investors have the opportunity to have a piece of this platform.

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Content creators such as Ryan and myself are presenting information and there is a critical need for a space where creators can share this information. As Ryan noted, “you should have the right to look at all this information and come to your own conclusion about it.” We need a place to freely exchange facts and ideas and also discuss them rather than be constantly shielded from content that big tech insiders simply don’t like.

Thank you to Ryan and The Last American Vagabond for hosting a robust conversation about the importance of preserving the flow of thoughts and ideas.