The 8 Keys to Health (Part 2)

You can watch Part 1 of this presentation from TTAC LIVE 2019 here.

Monica: Now if you’ve ever heard us speak before, you might’ve heard us talk about the seven keys. So today, we’re also going to introduce a brand new eighth key.

KC: So the eighth key, actually hearing a lot about it this conference right now. It’s called energetics.

Monica: And so where did all this begin honey?

KC: It’s really interesting. If you look at this chart, you see that negative emotions, anger, frustration and so on, can affect the kidney, I’m sorry, the liver. The chart here is really interesting, because Chinese medicine is 3500 years old. It’s accepted in America even and most countries around the world as a legitimate healing practice. But Chinese medicine, they’re always managing life force. So they want to manage the life force energy and they recognized eons ago. And even the chakra system from India at 1500 BC, those chakra points line up directly with neuroendocrine glandular systems. I always thought that was woo-woo, but I mean, it turns out that science is now starting to validate a lot of this. Interesting that Chinese medicine has identified you got to get rid of a stuck emotion or you’re going to be stuck. So there’s a lot more to that.

Monica: Here’s a list, if you want to take a picture, of some of the modern day modalities that we’ve enjoyed a lot of them. And there’s so much information out there, this thing, it’s thousands of years old. So there’s tons of information and research.

So what we want to do is continue now through the seven keys and give you some more information on how to stop these four pillars of health. As well as, reveal the energetic component to each of these keys. So our first one is hydration.

KC: So we’re 70% water. You have to have water. Water’s really intelligent, it can hold information as Dr. Emoto’s studies showed, that if you say positive things over water, or think positive things, water structure will literally change and vice versa.

Monica: Well the other reason is, we have a lot of ways that we lose water from our bodies, through talking, sweating, there’s so many. But there’s only one way where we get that water back inside of our body. So we like to tell people to drink from glass bottles, spring water and do it throughout the day. It’s all about flow. Think of a pond versus a stream. You want to be the stream.

KC: Tap water, I don’t know if you heard another program, the one before this, where he talked about halogens. Tap water has fluoride in them and fluoride has actually been shown to reduce IQ. Even just recently, if y’all seen this work. So there’s a lot of things about tap water, you don’t want to drink it if you don’t have to and if you can, at least get yourself a filter pitcher or a sink filter. We use the, what is it called? Oh goodness gracious, EchoWater. Thank you. We use EchoWater, but we have a well, so if you get EchoWater, also get their device to take out the fluoride.

Monica: Next key, exercise.

KC: If exercise were a pill, we would all pay any amount for it. Right? I mean, we don’t have to tell you the benefits of exercise. But we will say though is people tell us consistently we don’t have time for exercise. And what we say is, you don’t have not to exercise. So schedule your life around your exercise, not vice versa or it’ll never get done.

Monica: And the energetic component here, the eighth key, is maybe you go outside and exercise outdoors where you feel the sunshine and you get the fresh air. You know, the energy from the earth. Next key, stress.

KC: So stress is at the root of most disease. Everyone’s heard that, right? Stress kills, right? But stress is important too, right Monica? So Monica always says that if you don’t have blood pressure, you’re dead. So some stress is good. So this is an example of de-stressor. Monica, what is that?

Monica: Well, this is grounding, which would be the eighth key component, where you take off your shoes, I had to do it yesterday, go outside, and put your feet in the grass or in the sand or on concrete and just absorb that energy that we get from the earth.

KC: So it is good and it actually is an incredible antioxidant to be grounded. But when we have these rubber shoes, rubber soles and such, we never touch the ground and we realize how stressful it is not to be grounded.

Monica: Next one, sleep. Oh, isn’t that cute? I know. Sleep is not a luxury, sleep is a necessity. So many times we treat it as a luxury or we give it away to watch that extra movie at night or whatever and we really put stakes around our sleep time, because that’s when you restore, that’s when you refresh, that’s when your body heals and repairs itself. And there’s lots of great natural things on the market if you’re a person. Sometimes I struggle with going to sleep. What are some of the things you like?

KC: You like vanadium.

Monica: Yeah.

KC: I personally like melatonin, short acting and long acting melatonin at the same time. Maybe even along with 5HTP, zaleplon, hydroxys, tryptophan. But you really want to make sure that you de-stress, you maybe write a journal about the things that are on your mind. I mean, if you every night don’t get sleep, there’s some kind of crash coming.

Monica: And the energetic component also is turning off your WiFi at night and really letting your body rest. So next, environmental hazards.

KC: Yes. Well environment hazards, there’s multiple things. You should see Jeffery Smith talking about GMOs, hugely terrible. We have to talk about chemicals, glyphosate is a big one.

Then the other things are electromagnetic pollution. You talk about WiFi, but the 5G. I mean, we have this Qi machine from Synergy Science where it creates negative ions and literally will blunt most of 5G. You got to have some kind of strategy for 5G, and some kind of strategy for WiFi, like turn it off at night.

Monica: All right, next key. This one is meditation and prayer. I love this one and I’d love to demonstrate. Can I demonstrate it? All right and if you guys know this prayer… It’s like what prayer makes you feel peaceful. If you know this one, say it with me and just close your eyes and I just want you to feel the energetic aspect of it as well. “The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in the path of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies; thou anointest my head with oil and my cup overflows over. Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ever and ever.” Raise your hand if you feel that energetic component.

Do you want to tell them about the MANTRA Project?

KC: Yes, meditation and prayer is not an option. There’s been a lot of research, but the one that I always point to is the MANTRA Project at Duke University where they had half these cardiac patients on a prayer list and half of them not and not tell any of them. And the cardiac surgery, what happened, and the ones on the prayer list had 50% less side effects. 50%. I mean, it’s clinically significant by any measure, so you have to consider that. And then numerous research studies suggest that those who meditate and pray live longer, live happier lives, the list goes on and on. It’s very, very powerful and positive and it is a foundational key.

Monica: So let’s look at number seven, nutrition. Wow. That slide makes me hungry. Isn’t that pure joy? Have you eaten everything on that slide?

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