Cardi B 'Committed to Doing Anything to Get Joe Biden Elected'

Rapper Cardi B, who called supporters of President Trump “fucking racist rednecks,” is, according to Elle magazine, “committed to doing anything to get Joe Biden elected.”

In a cover issue interview with Elle magazine, the former stripper turned vulgar, left-wing rapper argued that Trump’s supporters will be left disappointed by his policies because he will not get them better housing. “Those people that he caters [to], he’s not going to do anything for them,” Cardi B said. “It’s not like Republicans are getting better housing. It’s not like Republicans are getting better benefits. They’re not. He’s not doing anything for anybody.”

“He’s just saying things that appease the same people. I want a president who makes me feel secure,” she continued. “I want a president who understands the pain of the people. I want a president who is going to give us answers. That’s why I like [New York governor Andrew] Cuomo. I like him because he makes me feel like he’s listening to me.”

“While she may be disappointed that Sanders has dropped out of the race, she assures me she is committed to doing anything to get Joe Biden elected,” Elle reported. The magazine didn’t detail how the Hustlers star is committing herself to get Joe Biden elected in November. But last year, the 27-year-old “Bodak Yellow” singer said in a radio show that she is supporting Biden, having previously gone all in for socialist Bernie Sanders’s unsuccessful campaign for the nomination.

Watch below: 

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“It’s either, like, we go with Joe Biden or Donald Trump,” she explained. “I’d rather go with Joe Biden. I have spoken to Joe Biden before. I think he gets it.”

So, there you have it. Joe Biden can count among his many celebrity activists, Cardi B, who has told New York police “fuck you,” said Minnesota rioters had “no choice but to loot and steal after George Floyd’s death, and has revealed herself as a gun control advocate.

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