Cancer Survivor Story: Sarah Key-Marer

Cancer Survivor Story: Sarah Key-Marer

In 2006, Sarah Key-Marer received her stage 3B breast cancer diagnosis. She followed the conventional treatment path, but what made her feel most insecure during this time was that her doctors did nothing to advise her about her overall wellness. It concerned her that they didn’t suggest a different diet or emotional wellness checks. She initially had the instinct to question her doctors about this, but as she began her research on how to beat cancer, she realized that she was absolutely looking in the right direction.

A couple of the most valuable things that she picked up during her healing journey is that she took her time to pick and choose healing modalities that she felt would work well with her. Then, she gradually took on more natural healing methods like juicing, eating more greens, and other natural ways to boost her overall wellness. The other thing she learned is the role of emotions and faith in the onset of disease/cancer and the healing of it.

Watch her survivor story until the very end to hear a special message from Sarah if you have received a cancer diagnosis. And remember: cancer is NOT a death sentence!

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