NBC's Chuck Todd: Trump Is ‘Sounding Increasingly Desperate’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” host Chuck Todd characterized President Donald Trump as “increasingly desperate” and attributed that to a possible “fearful of losing.”

Todd said, “The Democrats came out of their first-ever virtual convention making their case against President Trump both by looking to the past with luminaries like President Obama and to the future with the woman they hope will become the next vice president Kamala Harris. Joe Biden delivered what may have been the speech of his life putting to rest at least for now the caricature President Trump has painted of him as mentally and firm and not up to the job. Democrats made headway in uniting their often divided party, reaching out to Republicans and stretching their tent without ripping it yet. In short, they’re coming out of their convention running the same campaign they did four years ago, more on character and decency than on policy only this time against an incumbent president and with a nominee with lower negatives. ”

He continued, “So now it’s the Republicans turn. President Trump will not have the tens of thousands of supporters packed into an arena that he so desperately wanted. The coronavirus settled that. He will have four days to rewrite the Democrats’ portrayal of him as the great threat to American democracy into one of a president who made America great again is tougher on crime than Joe Biden and more trusted on the economy. But President Trump enters his convention trailing in the polls with the coronavirus still out of control and the economy in tatters. He’s sounding increasingly desperate, perhaps fearful of losing, describing a dystopian view of America if Biden wins with the president as the only thing standing between us and the end of American civilization.”

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