Abby Johnson: Trump Victory Necessary to Overturn Roe v. Wade

A former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life activist, Abby Johnson warned Tuesday during an interview with Alex Marlow on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily that, if Joe Biden wins the presidency, she will not likely see Roe v. Wade overturned in her lifetime.

The founder and president of And Then There Were None, a ministry that helps abortion workers leave their jobs, Johnson said President Donald Trump “has done more for the pro-life movement than any other president before him.”

Johnson, who will be speaking at the Republican National Convention (RNC), said the stakes are very high when it comes to Supreme Court nominations, given the possibility of Biden and Kamala Harris winning the White House.

“There could very well be two liberal Supreme Court openings within the next four years, Johnson explained. “It’s imperative that if those openings do come open that they are replaced with conservative pro-life justices. If that happens … that will be the only opportunity we have to actually overturn Roe. If we don’t get this right, if Biden actually wins this presidential election, I do not believe that we will ever have a shot to overturn Roe in my lifetime.”


Johnson continued that, if Biden and Harris win the election, “every pro-life victory, all this hard work that has been done in the States – it’s been tremendous – you know, all these state victories defunding Planned Parenthood … ultrasound legislation, waiting periods … the thousands and tens of thousands of babies that have been saved – all those victories will be undone, and they’ll all be overturned.”

Marlow remarked that even Americans who are “mixed” on the abortion issue “still should want to overturn Roe v. Wade because it’s an absolutist position.”

“It will revert back to the states,” he said. “It doesn’t mean the issue is settled in the other direction, it just means now we can actually have a conscientious debate on the topic and not have nine people in the Supreme Court decide abortion policy for every American, and all the unborn which is insane.”

Johnson agreed the abortion issue should have always been decided at the state level.

She pointed out that this year was the first time the Democrat Party had no one representing the abortion lobby speak at its convention.

“Contrast that to the RNC this year,” Johnson said. “This is the first time ever, they have a former abortion industry employee, me, a former Planned Parenthood director, standing up there on stage, exposing Planned Parenthood, exposing abortion, exposing the, you know, really seedy underbelly of the abortion industry, exposing that publicly for the first time ever. I mean I think it shows that the Democrats really want to stay away from the topic of abortion. Life is winning. This is a winning topic … I think that this topic is gaining momentum. I think for a long time people just thought the topic of abortion is sort of settled in our country. That’s not true. And, you know, we’ve got science, medical technology … so many things now have really opened the American public’s eyes to look at what’s taking place inside of the womb, to what’s taking place for these unborn children.”

Johnson observed Trump’s record and the actual policies he has put into place to protect life, including conscience protections surrounding abortions and restricting Title X grants to those providers that do not promote or perform abortions.

“President Trump has actually done more, he has put more policies in place than any other president before him, to protect the unborn,” she said. “And he has done more for the pro-life movement than any other president before him.”

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