Cancer Survivor Story: Jerome McFarland

When Jerome McFarland was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2015, the doctors immediately started him on round after round of chemotherapy. But Jerome only seemed to get worse and the doctors eventually stopped the chemotherapy, claiming it was “too toxic.”

That’s when Jerome began working with a naturopath who helped him detoxify his body and fortify his immune system naturally. With high doses of natural supplements like vitamin C and magnesium, Jerome’s body finally began to heal.

Watch the full video to find out what Jerome did to become completely cancer-free! And be sure to watch til the end to hear his personal message to anyone facing a cancer diagnosis.


I was diagnosed with multi myeloma and amyloidosis, and it started in 2015. Basically, what it did is it infected an organ, which was my heart, and that’s where the amyloid comes in. So I got the best of both worlds. They said one in about a half a million people could survive. Well, I guess I’m going to be the one.

Initially, I was scared to death. Of course my family was traumatized, but my spirituality kind of made me go, “Whoa, your God’s bigger than these doctors, so why don’t we just hold off on this?” But then of course, the first thing they want to do is chemo. My immune system was so weak that I could barely move. Then when they gave me the drugs, it’s not rocket science, it made it even worse.

Well, I knew that whatever the treatments that they were giving me at the cancer place, they weren’t working. Then they said, “Well, we’re going to take you off of this, because it’s too toxic.”

So now I’m kind of going, “Hmm. You guys are trying to kill me for money, I’m not with this.” So I told Sherry, my wife, I said, “I’m going to stop taking this stuff. I’m done. I don’t care, I don’t care.” But they took me off of it, so they knew. Then I go back to my naturopath and he tells me about a gentleman by the name of Dr. Lee, who is a naturopathic gynecologist, right?

Oncologist, excuse me. Oncologist. I met him and he had stage four, stage five pancreatic cancer people that he was working… he took the worst patients. I still remember walking in there the first day, actually, I went in by wheelchair, because I could walk around pretty good, but back then I couldn’t. So my wife’s pushing me in a wheelchair in there and I meet this lady who’s got stage four pancreatic cancer and she’s in her fifth year. And so I’m going, “Man, I must be in the right place.” So, I started treatments there, I went once a week.

They gave me vitamin C, magnesium. Yeah, thousands of milligrams, and I started feeling better. I came back the next week, I walked in the door. Literally the next week I came in, I didn’t jog in, but I probably could of. It looked ugly, but I could do it. So now I am on every other week and that was for eight weeks, I’m going to do eight weeks of this. I told some folks that… because I just took a treatment there before I came here.

I had so much going on that I just didn’t want to hear it all. It’s like, well, we’re getting better, but I know I can have a better quality of life. You know man, I dropped them like a hot potato and we moved on. Well, besides the blood work that they do every week.

Yeah, my levels are great. In fact, ejection rate, how much your heart pumps because of the amyloid, which affects that. When I first started, I was in the 20s, and now I’m in 40s or somewhere about there. That’s a miracle right there, because doing all these tests that they took, I went to a place where they did a heart MR where they took about 3000 pictures of my heart. And I still remember the expression on the lady’s face when they took the pictures and they realize what I had. And I came back to take the thing again six months later. And when I walked in the door, I thought the lady was going to fall out of her chair because she thought I’d be dead and I totally get it and she hugged me.

She was like, wow, you’re a blessing. And I went, yeah, it’s God. Cause it’s not me. And I guess that’s the main reason why I’m even doing this because I just want people to understand that’s if God can heal me, he heal anybody, you just got to do the right things. And then I knew for me there’s more. And I wanted more. And when I first came here, I was very reluctant to this. I thought this was just bunch of crazy folk state, it was bashing doctors, but when I realized that they were going into the fiber of what you need. The things that you need, to run your system right and the nutrition and I was doing some of this, I was, but I knew there was more.

And I can’t even give up the gratitude of how I feel about the encounter that I’ve had this weekend. It’s just been amazing, you know? And I’m not blowing smoke either. And that’s why for people that listen to this or hear this, I want you to know that there’s hope. There’s hope. If I get it, anybody can have it and you just have to believe. And you know, quitting, for me, it’s not optional and I can’t speak for other people, but I’m speaking for myself and I will continue to search out these different types of things that I need. And I got some really smart people that they care about me and not about their pocketbook. And I’m excited about that.

Well, first thing I would say is the doctors, not Jesus. Okay? So they can’t tell you when you’re going to expire for one. And then for two, there’s all kinds of different ways to find out what can be done to help you. You have to seek these things out and you can’t screw around with it. You can’t kind of play with the hat, but it’s got to be something that you live every day because you do. And if you do those things and you got the grace of God. You’ve got a really good chance. And I truly believe that with all my heart or I wouldn’t be sitting here. I don’t know what other people say or what they do, but I’m as real as a real can be. And I appreciate the time and I just appreciate being able to do this.

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