How Chiropractic Care Goes Beyond the Spine

When people think about chiropractic care, they often imagine a doctor manipulating your body to adjust your back and neck. But what if it goes further than that? In this clip from TTAC Live! 2019, expert chiropractor Billy DeMoss explains why keeping your body healthy involves so much more than just physical alignment… it’s about keeping your entire body balanced Watch the entire video to learn how physical, spiritual, and emotional vibrations are a major part of you wellness. And be sure to stick around to the end, when Billy shares the one plant that make the biggest impact on your health.


What I want to do is I want to allow your body and express it’s higher potential of its innate potential. Are you with me?

Audience: Yeah.

And then your body can cure everything from a frigging hangnail to full blown cancer.

The whole objective is to raise your vibrations, remove interference through the expression.

Today I went to church. My church happens to be the Pacific Ocean. A lot of times, one thing about surfing, the bad thing about surfing, it makes you late into a lot of stuff. What I was going while it was at church, we had a really big service this morning. There was a lot of people there, somebody in my family died. You make it feel guilty a little bit and they don’t give you a hard time. But for me that’s where I get connected to God. Dr. Cooper is talking about meditation, that’s my meditation, that’s my exercise, that’s where I ground myself. One of the other things is big on ground, and that’s why I like to take my shoes off. Even though up on this synthetic stage on synthetic carpet in the building and loaded with EMF, I want you to get outside and hug a tree, lay in the sand, go out in the oceans, the best warm of grounding there is.

Okay, let me talk about sublux.

98% of children are subluxated at birth. I don’t know if it’s intentional, but it also puts a lot of pressure on the brain stem, which can cause a lot of things like I talked at the Autism Speaks event, AutismOne, I get all these events message, AutismOne, right? That’s the right one. Okay, come on. I’m having a senior moment right now. The lion’s mane is not kicking in yet. Okay, but I talked about that we could lower the autism epidemic and we just checked kids because again, that raises kids resistance. And again, most people go to chiropractors keep thinking, “Oh, I got this pinched nerve in my back going down my leg, or it’s a monotony in my neck and it’s going down my arm, I’ve got carpal tunnel and I got headaches and all this stuff.” That’s what they think chiropractic is about. And then once they feel better, what did they do? They quit like they stopped brushing their teeth. Okay, my objective in what I want everybody to go home with is that all the organs and glands, that’s why there’s about a 10% chance that you’ll have pain if you have a subluxation in your spine. That’s why I checked the spine, not only with radiographs but with my hand, but also we use HRV. I’ll get to that in a little bit in thermography on your spine to find the hot spots and see where your nervous system is at, because that’s what really I feel like I am. I’m not a bone doctor, I’m a nervous system doctor. And we’ll get into the science here in a little bit.

All right, you perceive your environment through your senses, right? Everybody’s got that. But there’s one sense to start up there and that happens to be proprioception. You also have an abundance of mechanoreceptors in your upper cervical spine, C1, C2. You also have a bunch in your sacroiliac joints and also a lot in your TMJ. That’s why it’s important, and that’s going to be what? That’s going to be the nutrition for your brain. Your brain needs what? It needs oxygen, it needs water. It doesn’t need statin drugs. Got that? Does everybody understand the scam statin? Everybody knows that. Do not take statins and again, I’m not saying that as a chiropractor, I’m saying that as a humanitarian. But what chiropractic really does is, it’s food and nutrition for the brain because as we age, what happens to our posture? It goes forward. What happens through our mobility?

Audience: It lowers.

It lowers, and then what happens to the disc? They get compressed and degenerate. All that’s preventable.

Let’s go forward one, there we go. When you have abnormal joint moving in the spine, that sends different spinal information to the brain and central nervous system. This causes dysfunctional processing and integration by the brain and central nervous system. Poor control of the spine and body leading to pain dysfunction and also what immune suppression. That’s why, you don’t get cancer because of bad luck. You get cancer typically because of immune suppression. Everybody’s creating a hundred to 10,000 cancer cells a day. And if you’ve got the nuclear frigging immune system like I do, I’ve been in practice 34 years, I’ve never missed one day of work for being sick because I don’t get sick. I ain’t afraid of no stinking bugs come on and baby, you want a real flush shot? Give me a frigging hug sister. You know what I’m saying? You should dance with your environment. Learn to interact with your environment. We’ve gotten so afraid of everything. When are we going to come up with a vaccine for every microbe that’s out there. But that’s what they want you to believe.

Chiropractic improves health, sleep, stress, happiness, well being, immune system, strength, life and mobility, it decreases disease, illness, pain, aches, injuries, bad posture.

People go to the beach and I go, it’s a beautiful day, look at the ocean, the dolphins, the seagulls, they’re just staring at their frigging phone.

And the thing is, when you do that, the part of the problem with people’s posture is when they’re working on a computer all day, their head and neck goes forward. I mean, we measure that on your x-rays and the further forward your head goes, the more pressure it puts on the disc and causes the disc degenerate and decay become arthritic. And do people get shorter, taller? When they get older.

Audience: Shorter.

They get shorter because you’ve got successive levels of disc degeneration. Maybe it’s maybe three or four or five or six, seven levels degenerate. And then what happens with the mobility when we have degeneration of the disc? Because the disc are there for mobility and that mobility is what feeds the brain, the health food. This was the study that came out to show that chiropractic really is about taking people from sympathetic to parasympathetic.

Chiropractic can also lower inflammatory markers, all disease is increased in a pro inflammatory state. That’s why I always ask people, how many people in here take fish oil? Anybody in here take fish oil? Now I think you should take hemp oil because hemp oil does the same thing and plus it’s a plant. I don’t like killing fish plus a lot of fish probably could be toxic, but hemp oil also has the big advantage of what killing cancer cells and preventing neuro degeneration also enhances neurotrophic growth in your brain. It also helps with osteoporosis. It helps lowers anxiety, helps you sleep. It balances your endo cannabinoid system, which again pushes you from sympathetic into parasympathetic and it really, truly even governs the nervous system. That’s why I think even super seasoned or thought so super important in my opinion to load up on CBD or all the other cannabinoids in there. That’s the problem.

We think it’s just one molecule but it’s the entire plant that has the entourage effect me to get to that in a little bit. That’s why medicine always drops the ball because they think, “Well, it’s just the CBD molecule and I’m going to make a synthetic version of it and think it’s going to do the same thing.” No, God put the plant together and it’s perfect harmony. He didn’t make any mistakes.