Former US Presidential Candidate Blows The Whistle On Total Government Control Of Non-Profit Organizations


Dane Wigington

Dr. Chuck Baldwin has a very long and impressive resume (covered in Wikipedia), including being the 2008 presidential candidate for the Constitutional Party. In a world where preconception, ideology and bias increasingly rule the day, Dr. Baldwin has long since been a courageous outspoken voice of reason and fact based conclusions. Dr. Baldwin’s unyielding regard and respect for the unvarnished truth is inspiring. In this candid and revealing interview, conducted by, Dr. Baldwin exposes the way in which the US government controls the conduct of countless organizations through their “non-profit” status. Dr. Baldwin also addresses when he first became aware of the ongoing global climate engineering operations which are a dire and immediate threat to us all.

Click below for the full interview:

In our increasingly Orwellian world, now more than ever voices like Dr. Chuck Baldwin’s need to be heard. If a larger percentage of society remains unwilling to face the gathering storm head-on and honestly examine the frontline facts, we will have no chance of altering our current course toward near term planetary omnicide. We must all make our voices heard in the critical battle to sound the alarm, the sand in the hourglass is rapidly running out.

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