Tensions Flare Between Gaza And Israel As Incendiary Balloons Make A Return


Tensions Flare Between Gaza And Israel As Incendiary Balloons Make A Return

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A flare-up in exchanges has been going on between Israel and Gaza beginning from August 21st.

It all began on August 21st, when there was an attempt to fire a rocket into Israel from Gaza, according to the IDF, but it was successfully intercepted by the Iron Dome.

In response, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) tanks targeted Hamas positions in Gaza, since Israel holds Hamas accountable for any attack originating from Gaza.

Another attempt to launch a rocket took place on August 22nd.

No response was reported.

August 24th marked the return of the incendiary balloons being released across the border fence.

The exchange goes as follows: balloons and/or rockets are launched towards Israel and the IDF responds by targeting Hamas positions in Gaza.

Reportedly, hundreds of incendiary balloons are being launched over the last weeks from Gaza towards Israel.

Separately, in Northern Israel, residents were told to avoid open areas since Lebanon’s Hezbollah allegedly attempted to carry out an attack from between two UN positions, reportedly using them as cover.

The balloons from the Gaza side haven’t stopped. On August 27th and in the early hours of August 28th, they continued.

On August 28th, in addition to the balloons, 6 rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel.

In response, the IDF said that Hamas would be held accountable and would bear responsibility. The IDF Air Force targeted a weapons manufacturing site and other Hamas targets in Gaza.



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