U. of North Texas Expels 15 Chinese Scholars Over Ties to Communist Govt

The University of North Texas announced this week that it was expelling 15 Chinese scholars over their relationship with China’s Ministry of Education. Many universities and colleges around the nation have cut ties with researchers this year over allegations that they were using their position to funnel taxpayer-funded research to the Chinese government.

According to a report by the College Post, the University of North Texas ended its relationship with a group of scholars from China. Although the university did not explicitly provide a reason for the decision, some suspect the university cut ties over concerns about research theft.

In its statement announcing the decision, the university urged the scholars to leave campus swiftly. The researchers were only be permitted to collect their items from their residence hall under the supervision of their campus host.

I am writing to inform you that the University of North Texas has come to a decision to end its relationship with visiting scholars who receive funding from the Chinese Scholarship Council…We encourage scholars who are impacted by this decision to work closely with your university host(s) to make the quick transition home as smooth as possible. You will be able to return to campus to collect personal items. You should contact your host, who will make arrangements for you to be accompanied during your campus visit.

A petition with over 6,100 signatures calls on the university to reverse its decision to expel the students. The petition’s author, a graduate of the University of North Texas, claims that the students were not given a reason for the university’s decision to expel them.

On Aug 26th,2020. UNT suddenly terminates the relationship with the Chinese scholars who received Csc scholarship. Until now, UNT didn’t tell the reason why they suddenly cancel the relationship and make the Chinese scholars leave the US within one month. They need to deal with the extremely high flight ticket price, limit flight, Covid-19 test, break the apartment lease, sell the car, affect their academic achievement.

Breitbart News reported earlier this week that a researcher at the University of Virginia had attempted to flee to his home in China carrying proprietary research conducted at the university over several years. The researcher was arrested just prior to his departure.

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