Washington State Patrol Arrests 9 Protesters for Blocking Seattle Southbound Lanes

Washington State Patrol on Friday arrested multiple protesters for blocking southbound I-5 at the Ship Canal Bridge in the Democrat-controlled city of Seattle.

MyNorthWest.com reports:

The demonstration was part of a morning march protesting against police brutality. Protesters used vehicles to completely block all lanes of the bridge for roughly 30 minutes before state patrol arrived on the scene.

The nine people who were arrested Friday had their vehicles impounded.

In July, Washington State Patrol announced that it would no longer allow protesters onto I-5, and that they would arrest any pedestrians who blocked freeways

Natalie Graham, a staff writer at the Seattle blog The Stranger, shared purported footage of protesters shutting down the 1-5. 

In one video, troopers can be seen removing a protesters from a vehicles driver seat.

Washington State Department of Transportation officials announced drivers should expect delays if they attempted to drive down I-5.

More details to follow. 

Editor’s Note: This photo is from a different event in Seattle, dated July 2020. It is illustrative and not a literal depiction of this story.