Brian Rose's Real Deal – How To Get London Back To Work & Back To School

Real Deal is your chance to join me LIVE to discuss the big issues. We go deep on anything and everything – from spirituality to parenting to movies – and I want you to send me any questions or thoughts you have about the discussion.

It’s always super interesting and a great way to discover new ideas and share your views. Plus when we need an outside opinion to clear something up, we invite special guests on to take part! As with everything else we do at London Real, Real Deal looks beyond the discussion itself. You’ll pick up actionable advice you can use immediately to start leading a more productive and fulfilling life.

In this episode, I talk about recent and future guests including the prolific Geoff Thompson, Peter Hitchens, Jay Shetty and Alex Jones, as well as how starting your own podcast will be the most life-changing decision you can ever make.

I also vent my frustrations about the current state of London and why I refuse to just sit idly by and watch business and people struggle in this great city.

Real Deal is your chance to join me LIVE to discuss the big issues and I want you to get involved by sending me your questions and opinions.