***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Nevada Rally

President Donald Trump will hold a Saturday evening rally in Minden, Nevada.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates.

All times Eastern.

10:35 PM: Trump goes off on “Concast” and says “fake news” is the biggest problem we have in this country. He now is contrasting himself with Biden, saying “nobody has ever stood up to China like we’ve stood up to China.” Trump says “Sleepy Joe Biden,” who is “in his damn basement,”…and then rips him for running an ad saying Trump said “bad things” about America’s military. Trump says “pathetic Joe” is a “pathetic human being for allowing that to happen.” But then he says he doesn’t think Biden even knows what’s happening. But Trump says Biden is still “pathetic” for allowing it to happen.

Trump says the “good part” is that now he can be “really vicious.” He says he’ll start by saying Democrats are trying to “rig this election” because “the only way they can win it is to rig it.”

He is now mocking Hunter Biden for trading off of his family’s name to get millions in consulting contracts from foreign firms.

10:31 PM: Trump says Nevada’s Governor Steve Sisolak tried to cancel his rally but is also in charge of millions of ballots. Trump wonders how voters can trust a governor who tried to cancel his rally. Trump claims he can “rig the election.” Trump wonders where the 80 million ballots are going and who they are being sent to….He says Nevada’s governor is a “guy who tried to silence us.”

10:30 PM: Trump tells the crowd that there is a debate coming up in three weeks, but the problem is Biden just gets off the stage and gets through the debate, the media will say it was the greatest debate performance the media have ever seen. Trump says they’ll say Biden is a better debater than Winston Churchill.

10:26 PM: Trump says there are thousands and thousands of loyal, hard-working American patriots in the crowd. Trump says he will win four more years and then he’ll negotiate because he is entitled to more years based on how he is treated. Trump says he is calling this rally a “friendly protest” so his supporters can have gatherings like the rioters and the looters. He mocks Biden’s circles and says he only puts the circles at his events because they can’t get anyone to fill up a room. Trump says Biden would attract three people.

10:25 PM: Enthusiastic crowd greeting Trump, who is impressed by the thousands and thousands in the audience. Crowd keeps chanting: “USA! USA!”

10:05 PM: Trump has landed, so the rally should be starting shortly:

9:45 PM: Even on short notice, enthusiastic Trump supporters are out in force to see the president in Nevada: