For the third time, enjoy Brian Rose’s most recent appearance on Infowars as he is interviewed by the infamous Alex Jones.

Known for his forthright views, his popular platform and his alternative perspectives, watch this incredible interview which includes discussion around digital censorship, the effects of the lockdown and the wider political crisis both here in the UK and the US.

Since last appearing on his show, everything Alex predicted would happen to London Real as a result of speaking up against the mainstream narrative has come true.

We’ve been attacked by the likes of Vice and The Telegraph, deplatformed by Linkedin, threatened by YouTube and Facebook, and been subjected to attacks by co-ordinated paid troll armies on an hourly basis.

Yet despite all this, on the streets Londoners are 100% behind us.

We’ve just broken the world record for the largest live-stream of a documentary film in human history with 1.98 million unique concurrent viewers. Crowdfunding for the Digital Freedom Platform has just crossed $1.5 Million from over 38,000 digital freedom fighters donating from around the world. And over 230,000 people have signed my Open Letter demanding the Legislation of Digital Freedom of Speech.

This feels like a critical time to sit down with Alex once more and discuss the new events happening around the world including the BANNED PLANDEMIC DOCUMENTARY, London Real’s future and more.