Alex Jones – Behind The Pandemic: How the Globalist Agenda Will Cause a Massive World Depression & Destroy Society

Founder & Host Of InfoWars

Alex Jones is an American broadcaster, journalist, and founder of the independent media platform InfoWars.

Over the past 3 decades, he has dug beneath the surface to expose the truth on some of the most controversial moments in history, including the Oklahoma City bombing, and 9/11 attacks.

He launched InfoWars in 1999, which now receives 10 million visitors every month, and is synonymous with the endless fight to protect civil liberties.

In 2018 his channels, with over 5 billion views, were removed from ALL technology and social media platforms, and he now exclusively broadcast through his own independent media platform.

Five months on from our first conversation, we’ve seen unparalleled big-tech censorship, violent global protests, and more recently the potential for a fraudulent election. Now MORE THAN EVER, the people need strong leadership and honesty from media they can trust.