Jordan: Islamists to run in parliamentary elections

Jordan’s moderate Islamist opposition, Islamic Action Front, announced yesterday that it will run in the parliamentary elections slated for 10 November, Anadolu reported.

The announcement came in a press conference in the capital Amman by the party’s Deputy Secretary-General, Wael Al-Sakka.

Anadolu said that the decision came a day after Jordanian authorities arrested the executive director of the party’s central election committee, Badi Al-Rafiah, on charges of “insulting the president of a friendly country”.

The Islamic party, which is the political branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, boycotted the elections in 2010 and 2013.

In 2016, it gave up its “Islam is the solution” slogan and joined with Christians and prominent national figures to create a broad-based civic grouping, the National Coalition for Reform.

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