Michael Rapaport Tells HBO Host John Oliver to 'Shut the F**k Up' About U.S. Politics

Actor Michael Rapaport unloaded on HBO host John Oliver on Monday, demanding that he “shut the fuck up” and stop “whining” about America’s political climate and the Supreme Court nomination process.

“When I hear a fucking guy like John Oliver, with his fucking glasses, whining… I respect John Oliver,” Rapaport said. “But when I hear this fucking four-eyed fuck with his Scottish accent… saying things are basically hopeless. Shut the fuck up John Oliver.”

“That’s coming from me, who is pessimistic,” Rapaport continued. “We are going to be fine, whoever SCOTUS is, whoever wins, whether’s it’s Kadavra Joe or dickstain Donald Trump, we’re going to be fucking fine. Are you even from here? We got it, we’re tough, OK? We’re going to be fucking fine, stop whining.”

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Rapaport’s tongue lashing came after the British comedian freaked out on Sunday’s edition of This Week with John Oliver over President Donald Trump’s decision to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg earlier this month. The Senate is expected to commence with her confirmation process in the coming weeks.

Oliver, who back in 2015 found Donald Trump’s considered candidacy so preposterous he pledged to write him a campaign cheque, complained that America’s political system is “rigged” in favor of Republicans, describing it as a “fucking travesty” that each state gets the same amount of representation in Congress.

“The unavoidable truth here is that the system is already rigged,” Oliver explained. “And it’s rigged in a way that has allowed a party without popular support to drastically reshape an entire branch of government for the foreseeable future by appealing almost exclusively to white voters in some of the least populous regions of the country. That is not a mandate and it’s not democracy, it’s a fucking travesty.”

“This has been a very dark week for a lot of people,” he continued. “The Supreme Court is about to lurch to the right for the foreseeable future. And if things seem hopeless right now it’s because, to be completely honest, they basically are.”

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