Gerald Celente: IT’S HAPPENING ALL OVER THE WORLD – Economic Crisis And Stock Market Crash

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Gerald Celente: IT’S HAPPENING ALL OVER THE WORLD – Economic Crisis And Stock Market Crash

In this financial video, Gerald Celente said that they know every penny that you spent, so they can get every penny that they want from you. So they can live their lives the way they want. These governors and all the politicians could close down anything they want. They don’t have to worry about earning a living. They have the best benefits of anybody, retirement, health care, etc. They steal our money in the name of taxes, they could care less about us. Also, they need to keep the stock market from crashing. Because when the stock market crashes, then they know how bad it is. Because if the markets crash then everybody knows how bad it is.

00:02 – I’m so sad, I’m so heartbroken to see what’s happening all over the world
00:31 – If your head is just in economics than…
01:17 – The politicians don’t have to worry about earning, they steal our money in the name of taxes
01: 40 – Who destroyed the global economy?
02:32 – We are in the greatest depression and economic crisis
03:14 – The Fed is buying junk bonds, trillions of dollars into banks and trading houses all over the world
03:37 – They need to keep the stock market from crashing
06:11 – $29 trillion, the Fed pumped in between 2007 and 2010
07:45 – Gold prices are going up even when the dollar was up. And now the dollar is going down

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