Chuck Palahniuk – How the Cult Author of Fight Club Made Nihilism Fun Again

Chuck Palahniuk is the American best selling author and journalist known for writing cult classics ‘Fight Club’ and ‘Choke’.

He has published 23 best-selling books, and his book ‘Fight Club’ went on to become a Hollywood blockbuster in the 90s starring Brad Pitt and Ed Norton.

Chuck graduated with a Journalism degree from the University of Oregon in 1986, he worked for a local newspaper in Portland before returning to his old job as a diesel mechanic while continuing his writing until his career took off.

At the age of 31, Chuck started to write Fight Club, finishing it at the age of 33. An idea of combining education with life experience.

Since the early 90s, Chuck has been in writing workshops but has realised more and more that certain words are being censored from use.

In his time, he has been kicked out of a number of workshops due to his disturbing stories where people would leave the room, and came to the realisation that editors would favour writing that will be commercially successful, rather than writing that is powerful.

Now, Chuck returns with his new book ‘The Invention of Sound’; a chilling tale about a father in search of his daughter not knowing whether she is dead or alive.

Join us as we will be talking with Chuck Palahniuk to discuss his new book, Fight Club, censorship in writing, writing workshops and his process.