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Can Russia Survive the Neo-Barbarian Onslaught of the West under the control of Satanic Jewish Supremacism? What must Russia do to revive the culture and push back against Globo-Homo lunacy? — Notes on Anatoly Karlin's argument for Russian counter-censorship against Jewish-Western-Media

It’s a question of Big Idea vs Little Ideas. Big Idea subsumes little ideas. Big ‘Truth’ redeems small lies.
Also, of the Big Conviction and Small Criticism. Nothing is perfect and can be criticized. During the Cold War, there were plenty of faults with both US and USSR. One could pile up countless things wrong with the US, the West, capitalism, and liberal democracy. Same with the Soviet Union. And yet, some Big Ideas and Big Systems, despite all the problems and imperfections, are better than other Big Ideas. Take Freedom vs Slavery for example. One can find much that is wrong with freedom and find some advantages to slavery. So, when it comes to nitpicking, one can find bad things about freedom and good things about slavery. But as Big Ideas go, most people prefer Freedom to Slavery. 
Communism, as a big idea, argued that capitalism is just a form of exploitation and doomed to failure. It argued the state must control everything to prevent one bunch of people from gaining all the wealth and power to exploit the rest. Capitalist liberal democracies argued that capitalism can reform, the democratic process allows for checks/balances, and only a market economy can function properly, create lots of wealth, & lead to innovation. In both argument and delivery, capitalist democracy won over communism — what Francis Fukuyama called the ‘End of History'(or Conflict among Big Ideas). But then, what Fukuyama failed to understand was that, as liberal democracies are essentially plutocracies(where politicians are vetted and selected by the rich), their character reflects that of the ruling elites. Lucky for America, the Anglo-Germano-American ruling elites, for all their faults and hypocrisies, were among the best the world had ever seen. They had some sense of common good and higher principles. And some sense of shame and honor. In contrast, when elite power passed to Jews, many of whom turned out to be utterly shameless in their hypocrisy, megalomania, and paranoia, the Jewish character came to shape the direction of democracy and capitalism in the West.
In Russia, the unfettered extreme Jewish kind of capitalism led to the crazy 1990s when a handful of oligarchs, mostly of the Tribe, took control of much of the Russian economy while leaving most people destitute. And as ‘democracy’ is a plutocracy, the Russian government of Boris Yeltsin merely did the bidding of Jewish oligarchs.
 Though the US has been much richer and better prepared to weather economic storms, something similar happened there. The increasingly financialized and monopolized economy became less principled, less fair, and less rational. It led to ever greater concentration of wealth, especially as globalism undermined the checks-and-balances among the classes, i.e. globalism gave capitalists access to cheap labor all over the world and pretty much destroyed the US working class that had once been a real political force. Moral Hazard totally went out the window; if anything, the ‘experts’ smeared it as hypocritical hand-wringing by economic illiterates. And the media, another corporate entity, became a total propaganda machine. When the internet promised to spread the power around, the Jewish monopolists and their allies used all manner of dirty tricks to shut down free flow of information and debate. And of course, Republican politicians, shills of plutocracy, haven’t done anything. (There is a ‘libertarian’ argument for letting the rich do as they please, but notice the so-called libertarians are oddly silent about the state’s role in shutting down BDS. Shouldn’t libertarians at least be opposed to STATIST suppression of activism and discourse?) At any rate, even though Fukuyama focused on the value of Big Ideas, he failed to understand that any set of ideas, big or small, is shaped by the character of those with the power. Indeed, the failure of Latin American democracies is ample proof that worthless elites lead to worthless democracies. Freedom is better than slavery, but Freedom controlled by rotten scum can be as bad or even worse than slavery(dominated by enlightened tyrants).

Anyway, the Big Idea and Big Conviction works like an umbrella against the storm of small ideas or small criticisms. People with a clear sense of Big Idea can weather the storm of small criticisms. (Same goes for Big Feeling vs Little Feeling. No family is perfect, but the deep wells of emotion keep the family united against threatening forces, like in THE GODFATHER.) But people without such conviction can easily lose faith and go with whichever side is making the Most Noise. The question is, do most young Russians have a Big Idea/Conviction about Russian people/culture, history/culture, and destiny? If they do, they could brush off subversive foreign efforts to undermine Russian unity and power. If they don’t, they will likely be swayed by whomever has the means to make the most noise(as most people cannot think for themselves and allow others to do the thinking for them).

Among the primary ways of persuading people are the means of associative ideology and associative idolatry. Globo-Homo spread by both means. The elites associated ‘gay’-this and ‘gay’-that with ‘equality’, as in ‘marriage equality’ even though the notion of homosexuality being of equal value/worth with real sexuality is ludicrous. But in a political culture that lionizes the notion of ‘equality’, it did the job in persuading many people that homos are deserving of ‘marriage equality’. But there was also associative idolatry. Homos were made sympathetic, ‘cool’, joyous, colorful, wonderful, and even sacred by endless propaganda in movies, TV shows, advertising, ‘gay pride’ celebration days/weeks/months, and etc. They were made ‘iconic’. And of course, as the West is most associated with power, wealth, and status, many around the world seek to burnish their image by being pro-‘Western’. It is the Polish Disease — Pathetic Polacks are Slavs who want to be thought of as being part of the West, not the backward East — , and it is spreading in Russia as well. Ireland is falling apart because it too has the Polish Disease.
Another example of associative ideology can be seen in the West’s coverage of Ukraine and Hungary. Even though Ukraine is run by Jewish gangster oligarchs, it is associated with ‘liberal democracy’, whereas Viktor Orban’s style of governance in Hungary is associated with ‘autocracy’ or ‘anti-democratic’ impulses. This may seem odd when Orban came to power through free election whereas the current Ukrainian regime is the product of US-backed coup or ‘color revolution’. But for many fools who rely on the media, such ideological sleight-of-hand tricks do the magic. Of course, many wanna-be-elites and would-be-educated rely on New York Times, The Economist, New Yorker, and the like for status-reasons. Though ostensibly about ‘freedom of the press’, their main value is as status-signalers. They offer fashion-news, or the kind of ideas one must espouse IF he or she is to be accepted into Elysium, if only ‘psycho-virtually’ — even those who come nowhere near elite bastions of power/privilege like to smugly feel that they belong to the ‘better kind of people’ because they get their information from stuff like The Atlantic, a journal read by ‘important’ people.
As for another example of associative idolatry, there is the cult of Noble Negro, what with some European nations being even more enthused about BLM than the US is. The idolatrous idea or ‘idological’ notion is that blacks are ‘cool’, badass, noble, awesome, and etc., therefore anything is made better if associated with Negroes. Why is that taco better than this taco? Because it has been advertised as ‘BLM’. BLMour(or blamour) is the new glamour.
Vladimir Putin has been around for some time, and he’s been a good manager. But has he supplied Russia with a Big Idea or Deep Conviction about Russian Civilization? Being a good manager is important but not enough. In the end, managers serve the idea. Without a Big Idea about the worth of Russian Civilization, many young Russians will just become minions of Pop Culture and silly memes. Their worldview will be mostly that of associative ideology and associative idolatry pushed by the West, which isn’t even Western anymore but Judeo-Afro-homo or JAH-ist. It is ironic that Anatoly Karlin is worried about the West’s infection of Russia, but he bought the Covid-hysteria nonsense hook, line, and sinker. Covid was never going to be a mass-killer, and Jews pushed it to destroy Trumponomics and to restore power to globalist governments to shut down populist-nationalist challenges.

If Russians have a Big Idea about the Motherland, they will be able to weather the storm. For all its faults, they will see Russia as worth preserving and defending against the globalist tide. If not, Russia will become a big Ireland or what Poland is destined to be, as its young are total minions of JAH-ist garbage. Russia must articulate its role in history. How it came to be, how it survived(sometimes against impossible odds), and how it is unique. A sense of how Russia overcame communism and Jewish oligarchic capitalism.

Also, Russia must be honest about Jewish Power. The current US and EU animus against Russia was cooked up mostly by Jews. Russians must know this. Russians must know the Jewish Mind, i.e. that Jews believe that they are so smart and Russians are so dumb, and therefore, Jews deserve to dominate Russia and Russians deserve to be helots of Jews. In a way, the Jewish vision of Russia isn’t much different from the Nazi vision of German ‘Aryans’ lording over Russian Slavs as helots. Russians must understand that most goyim in US and EU are puppets of Jews.
The reasons are twofold. Naturally, most politicians whore out to Big Money, and Jews are the richest. But the other reason is Jewish Power replaced Christianity with Holocaustianity. Therefore, white goyim not only serve Jews-as-oligarchs but Jews-as-god. Now, Russians make a big deal of how Russia defeated Nazism and saved Jews, and that is a legit historical and moral argument. But, Russia must also understand that Jewish radicalism and subversion did great harm to Russia prior to rise of Nazism and, if anything, led to Adolf Hitler’s rise because Germans(among others) had enough of crazy Jews. Furthermore, Jewish craziness is buried deep within the Jewish Core. Karl Marx thought communism would cure Jews of greed, but Jewish communists turned out to be bloody greedy for power. Libertarians and conservatives think capitalism and Zionism will cure Jews of radicalism, but today’s super-capitalist Jews are pushing insane radical agendas. (But the lesson of Nazism is one shouldn’t fight craziness with more craziness.) Russians must also understand that Globo-Homo is the proxy tool of the Jews. Jews relish the sight of the vast-majority of straight people groveling at the feet of homos and even trannies. (Homos went from liberation to inquisition. First, they were liberated from traditional restrictions and could do their homo thing. But that wasn’t enough for their vanity and vengeance. They weren’t content to be homo and distorted the law and other means to FORCE straight people to comply to homo demands or else be purged. In other words, straight society had to swallow the notion of ‘gay marriage’, and we must make-believe that a tranny is a ‘woman’ or some guy is a ‘they’ than a ‘he’. Of course, Jews love the sight of this. Just as they relish the sight of hapless goyim groveling at their feet, they just can’t get enough of the vast-majority of straights being kicked around by a bunch of trannies. Jews or homos/trannies, it’s a case of elite-minority supremacism over the majorities.)
Russians must also realize the threat of the Cult of Negro. So far, most Russian athletes are Russian, and Russians look up to Russian idols as ‘national heroes’. Russians must realize that the promotion of Negrolatry is to rob the white race of their own idols and heroes. In the US, white boys and girls worship Negro stars in pop culture and sports. And this is spreading all over Europe. Presence of Negroes leads to white cuckery. Look at the Africanization of France and UK. Why would anyone want this? Well, Dumb Polacks want it because they have the Polish Disease and are so eager to be petted by the West as ‘good doggy’. But Russians should not play this game.
Of course, it is tempting to play the Noble Negro card. The USSR did it during the Cold War by spreading propaganda that Noble Negroes were being oppressed by Evil Whites. And Europeans who felt moral inferiority-complex vis-a-vis the US(especially because of WWI and WWII) played the same game. But what is the result of this? Tug-a-Gro(or Tug-a-Negro) where all sides pretend (1) Negroes are so special and (2) they love Negroes more than others do. “With Negro on our side.” What kind of moral argument is this? Elevating the most savage and destructive race as sacred/noble and premising one’s moral value on the extent of slavishness to Afromania and BLM. Russians and Chinese who, cynically or sincerely, brandish BLM memes need to understand that it is a Jewish Ploy against the National Majority. Jews rule the US, and Jews spread BLM to morally browbeat the white majority. Russians and Chinese must stop believing that US is run by whites who oppress blacks. US is run by Jews who oppress whites by invoking black holiness. So, if China and Russia really want to counter Jewish Power that controls the US, they are better off with PLM or Palestinian Lives Matter.

How many Russians know that Russia is a world unto itself and has so many potential(and that Russians are the biggest under-achievers around the world)? If Russians got their act together, the sky would be the limit. But they do so little with what they have and look to the outside world(that is dominated by Jews, homos, and white cucks) for meaning and purpose. This is truly sad. For all the rottenness of Jews, imagine the things they could do if they were the majority group in Russia. In some ways, Jews have done more for Israel than Russians have done for Russia. Too many Russian elites are corrupt, and too many Russian masses are stupid ‘white trash’. They really need to clean up their act. While Putin made things more efficient and streamlined, he hasn’t altered the essential character flaw of Russians. He hasn’t cultivated a new crop of visionary and inspirational leadership. All around him are flunkies and hangers-on. This is why when Putin eventually leaves the scene, Russia could become a big Poland or Ireland. The Polish Disease is spreading.

The value of the Big Idea can be appreciated by using land as analogy. Big Territory is harder to conquer than Small Territory. If Russia had been the size of France or Poland, Germans might have  prevailed over the Soviet Union with its Blitzkrieg attack. But the sheer vastness of Russia allowed the USSR to move its industrial base to the east while Germans became over-stretched across vast territories to the point where their logistics broke down, especially with rain and snow. Likewise, China was able to weather the Japanese invasion because of its vastness. In contrast, Taiwan and Korea were easily swallowed up by Japan. 
Same goes for Big Ideas. They are much harder to conquer than small ones. Now, a people don’t need a Big Territory to have a Big Idea. Jews are a prime example of this. For much of their history, they had no territory to call their own. But they preserved their identity and culture because they had a Big Idea, that of the Covenant that linked the Jews as a special people to the one-and-only God. This is why Jews, among all the immigrant groups in America, were not conquered by Anglo-American-ness but, in time, came to conquer and reduce the ‘Wasps’ into pathetic puppets and tools of Jewish Power centered around a Big Idea. In contrast, all other groups, from Germans to Filipinos, have been utterly conquered by Anglo-American-ness and are now being converted to globo-homo cuckery to Jewish Supremacism and Afromania. The ONLY group that may follow the Jews in their identity-insistence is the Hindus who, like Jews, are ethno-religionists, or identity over ideology. In contrast, Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists are credo-religionists, or ideology over identity. Russia has been able to survive due to Big Territory, but does it have a Big Idea that can fend off the slings and arrows of other ideas, hostile and foreign? Of course, many foreign ideas can be useful and productive, but they’re usually in the fields of science and technology. Especially in the post-modern world, there have been no great new ideas. Indeed, we are living in the Age of ‘Idology’, or idolatry-as-ideology, and Russia need to develop its own ‘idology’ that resists that of the Holy Three of Jews, Homos, and Negroes.
Jews want all the world to worship the Holy Holocaust uber alles. Jews want all nations to replace its national idols with Negro athletes and stars. Jews want all houses of worship of whatever faith to hoist the ‘gay’ flag and celebrate sodomy as globo-homo-mania is the proxy agenda of Jewish Supremacist Power. Do most Russians understand this and realize what is at stake? If Russians lack the Big Idea of what their people, culture, and history are about, they do not understand, and it’s only a matter of time before they will succumb to the Polish Disease.
Now, there are smart and dumb ways to spread the Big Idea. Russians need a Big Idea about Russia, and to some extent, Putin has tried to bring this about. He built more churches and promoted more nationalism. But building more churches is only symbolic. Most Russians will not visit these cathedrals and won’t care. In our age, people are persuaded by electronic signals, not stone objects. Electronic signals are the ‘spirit’ of the modern world. Also, a generic kind of nationalism isn’t enough. A nationalism needs a clear sense of ‘who we are’ and ‘who hate us’. While Russians are clear about their enemy during World War II — the Nazi Germans — , they aren’t about the New Enemy, the Jewish Globalists. Now, this doesn’t mean Russians should bash all Jews. Just like not all Germans were enemies(and Russia and East Germany could be friends after the war), not all Jews are enemies. Still, Russia needs to spell out what is really happening. The problem isn’t EU or US per se but Jewish control of US that controls the EU. And why do Jews hate Russia? Jews look upon Russians as vodka-swilling dummies who should serve the smarter/superior Jews. All Russians need to understand that the current Jewish animus against Russia goes back to the 1990s and even earlier. In both the early years of the Bolshevik Revolution and the gangster-capitalist 1990s, Jews nearly had Russia and are still livid with rage that the big dumb Russian fish slipped out of their grasp. But Jews are like Captain Ahab and won’t give up until they get their whale. If Russians understood this basic fact, they would see foreign anti-Russian sources of News for what it is. While anti-Russian news/opinions may well have kernel of truth to them, it would be understood by most Russians that the PRIMARY purpose of these news isn’t to spread truth or serve justice but to turn Russians into deracinated globo-homo minions who worship Negroes(than their own national idols/heroes), thereby easing the path for Jewish Supremacists to take over Russia. Such a Big Idea of what Russia is up against would weaken all the small ideas/criticism of Russia by outsider and Russian cucky-wucks. Putin’s style of nationalism has been the Silent Majority kind. Building churches may have some symbolic value but lacks dynamism. Byzantine Empire built many churches but couldn’t prevent the enervation and decline. Under Byzantine rule, Christianity became a dogma controlled by corrupt elites into court intrigue. In a way, as bloody as the Catholic vs Protestant conflict was, it might have been good for both and for Western Christianity that it fostered competitiveness. Neither could take things for granted as a monopoly. The Protestant challenge also meant that Western Christianity couldn’t just be a bureaucratic labyrinth. Individual conscience mattered. Even as Catholics denounced Protestantism, the threat from the New Church forced them to reflect and make reforms. In contrast, no such challenge compelled the Eastern Church to make reforms and revivify itself as the soul of Byzantium. It became the mummified religion of the elites behind the walls. Against the threat from Muslims who, for a time, had all the youth, excitement, and energy, the Byzantium World only knew conservatism, wall-mentality(against Muslim war mentality), and status quo. When one side pushes to gain new ground while the other side stands only to hold territory, the former will eventually win. Against the pusher, one must push back. Byzantium failed to push back. And today, Russia won’t push back against the Jews. Even as Putin took measures to restore some degree of nationalism and restrain out-of-control Jewish Power, he hasn’t taken up the necessary challenge. 
Also, Russia has failed to offer anything of itself to the Western World. For example, RT News doesn’t convey Russian ideas, Russian values, and Russian grandeur. Rather, it just hires Western SJW types and ‘leftists’ to offer ‘progressive’ assaults against Western Imperialism. It’s like the ‘conservative’ game of ‘Democrats are the real racists’, i.e. it accepts the enemy’s platform as the main moral premise. Now, if this was just a facet of RT, it wouldn’t be so bad. But it’s about 99% of it. Even when Russia gains access to other nations, it does little to impart Russian ideas, culture, and values. It just hires ‘leftists’ with somewhat more integrity than the usual ‘liberals’ in the Western Media. So, Christopher Hedges and Rick Sanchez have shows on RT. Now, this isn’t entirely a bad strategy: Use Western Left to attack Western Liberals. Also, whereas the educated class in the West may scoff at Russian culture and values, they might listen to True Leftists or Dissident Progressives who’ve been fired, purged, or blacklisted by Jewish-dominated ‘liberal’ mainstream media.

Still, it’s just Russians offering an alternative Western viewpoint against the ‘mainstream’ or official Western Agenda. America is now a satanic and crazy empire(with both its elite and mass culture in a state of total retardation), BUT what it has to offer still excites people all over the world. Something always seems to be ‘happening’. It’s an ‘event’. It’s ‘cool’, ‘badass’, and/or ‘awesome’. Whether it’s comic book movies, rap concerts, globo-homo-mania, BLM, or whatever, the West seems to be always ‘rocking’. 

Now, there is pro and con to the current ‘Western’ Way. It is highly effective because it’s so well funded and charged. It’s abuzz with energy as the Jews control all the hype machine. Also, the West’s shamelessness means that it will promote and disseminate ANYTHING, no matter how outrageous(or more outrageous the better), that might have mass appeal or immediate sensory excitement. Like ‘twerking’. It’s demented, but it has spread all over because, by the lowest common denominator, people are hairless apes. But there is a downside to all this. It’s the Disco Factor. At one time, Disco ruled and was everywhere. It seemed like it would last forever… except it vanished almost overnight. What had been so ‘cool’ was deemed clownish and insipid. People were embarrassed that they had anything to do with Disco. Usually, something sensational has a short shelf-life. And so much of current ‘Western Values’ or ‘Western Causes’ are like fireworks without the fire. They are so much about hysteria, outrage, thrill, orgasm, or etc. When fireworks are over, they are really over. This is why the West has to keep generating sensationalism and excitement to keep up the thrill-level or outrage-level. Nothing it puts forth has any intrinsic value except as hype or Da Bomb. Whether it’s the buzz over the new blockbuster or new video-game OR hysteria for something about homos, BLM, illegals-are-dreamers, or Covid lunacy, the Western Media have to keep injecting new doses of sensory overdrive. Thus, there’s a lot of energy but almost no meaning. 
Take the hysteria about J.K. Rowhling and trannies. Sane people would not attack a woman for saying ‘man with balls is not a woman’, but so many young people in the West are so charged with ‘moral’ outrage and hysteria about holy homos and precious trannies that they can’t think straight. Of course, they can’t think at all, and their ‘morality’ or ‘ethics’ is just a matter of celebrity-worship and Political Correctness. Celebrity Worship makes them agree with whatever Hollywood and Music Industry pushes at the moment, and PC molded their minds to think in terms of holy vs taboo. Despite its term, ‘Critical Theory’ is the most anti-critical tool in the academia. It says certain groups, especially Jews, blacks, and homos, are sacred, whites are especially guilty & wicked, and the rest better side with Jews, blacks, and homos against whites. This is why there is no rhyme or reason to current ‘progressive’ thought. Leftism used to be premised on class ideology, mostly of Marx. Liberalism used to be based on either the theory of individual rights or universal justice. But current ‘progressivism’ is mostly about idolatry of Jews, homos, and blacks. Antifa and billionaire oligarchs chant the same mantras about trannies being treasures or BLM even though all facts show blacks kill blacks(and non-blacks). And if Jews are truly liberal, why do they insist we support Zionism and Jewish imperialists over Palestinians? Jews used to bleat about socialism or individual rights, but now, most are totally okay with super-capitalism(that made Jews the richest people) and into globo-homo, which lionizes homos as the favored pets of the ruling elites class. And this is being broadcast all over the world in a kind of new cultural imperialism.

Now, Russia could stand for Nationalism against Imperialism. The problem is many people all over the world are mesmerized by the cultural imperialism of globo-homo, rap music, Hollywood, celebrity culture, pornography, and etc. Why don’t they stand for their national culture against imperialist junk culture? Because most people around the world are unimaginative folks with nothing to say or express. They are passive than active creatures. As people are easily bored, they crave distractions. It’s like a dog wants someone to throw sticks so it can play fetch. Most people need others to toss them the stick. They can’t create their own culture. It’s no wonder few religions dominate the world. If most people can’t create their own stuff, they will gravitate to whatever has the most mass appeal or generates the most buzz. If someone had to sit in a theater without anything on screen or stage, he’d be bored to death. He wouldn’t be able to entertain himself with his own ideas and imagination. But if there’s a fun movie on screen or show on stage, he could sit there for 3 hrs, even 4 hrs, in pure delight. He wants his heart and mind to be captivated by another. Most people around the world feel like bored nobodies sitting in a theater with nothing playing. So, they are grateful for ANYTHING that grabs their attention. Anything to stave away the boredom. It’s like sitting on a sofa for 5 hrs is a boring notion, but you forget all about the boredom if the TV is on. It doesn’t matter that most stuff on TV is dumb. At least, Dumb isn’t Boring, which people hate more. Now, if people are bored, shouldn’t they create their own stuff? Shouldn’t they try to be creative and seek truths? But most people want others to do it for them. This is especially true of conservatives. Even as they bitch about ‘liberal’ domination of movies and music, they hardly create their own. 

It’s been said the US is very creative, but there are just few centers of creativity. Most Americans in most of America are passive and do nothing. It’s just a few centers in cities that make most arts, culture, entertainment. 1% of America is ‘New York’, rest is ‘Nebraska’. It’s just a few universities that create new ideological trends. This is why people sound like clones. Ministry of Information says “trannies are holy”, and soon, just about everyone is spouting the same nonsense. It is why most US conservatives are such servile dogs to Zion. GOP as standard-bearer of American Conservatism says it’s one’s God-given duty to support Israel(even though Jews hate Christians and turned the Holy Land into Sodom and Gomorrah). 
Most Russians are not creative. They just like to get drunk, dance on tables, and curse. They would wrestle bears too, but there aren’t too many bears around Moscow. Just about the only happening place in Russia is Moscow, but not much happens there compared to any major city in the US. Also, despite their small number, Jews do far more thinking, speaking, and creating in Russia than Russians do. Now, most Jewish ideas may be crazy or harmful, but they are saying something. Meanwhile, Russians are just getting drunk and acting dumb. To be sure, this ‘dumb’ quality, along with corruption, may have allowed Russians to become relatively more independent of Jewish Power. Anglo-Americans, being better educated, more sober, and more conscientious, could be easily baited and cajoled into looking up to Holy Holocaust Jews as the ultimate moral arbiters. In contrast, the more slovenly and rule-breaking Russians are less likely to be conscientious, therefore less likely to be morally baited by Jews. (You can fool a well-meaning person but not a gangster who cynically believes EVERYONE, even the so-called ‘good’, are up to no good.) Indeed, one key difference between the Russian Revolution and Jewish takeover of the US is that Jews had to pander to Russians in the former whereas goyim ended up sucking up to Jews in the latter. Though it’s true that the Bolshevik Revolution put many Jews in power over Russians, Jews themselves had to de-emphasize Jewishness and speak up for the common good for all those in the Russian Empire. While Russian chauvinism was suppressed, so was Jewish identity. This may be why Jews eventually lost out in the Soviet Union. In contrast, Jewish takeover of the US after WWII was premised on elevating Jews as a specially holy and tragic people. The Holy Holocaust People so full of woe, wit, and wisdom. The idea was the US had to support Israel because the ultimate truth is about Holy Jews vs Their Evil Enemies. Anglo-Americans were well-meaning and conscientious enough to fall for the moral bait. (A cynical Sicilian would have seen right through the BS.) If Jews are holy, their demands are godly. And if Jews are godly, those who displease Jews are ungodly and must be crushed. Look at today’s US. Jews shit on Donald Trump day and night, but Trump’s big message is “I love Jews, I serve Jews.” If Jews cut off one of his legs, Trump would say, “I will hobble around on my remaining leg to serve you holy Jews and give you anything you want.” Is it any wonder this country is so screwed up?

Against all this, what can Russians do? Against the insane fireworks of the New West, what can Russia offer? There is nationalism to be sure, but it must be substantive than symbolic. Parades and pageantry are nice, but such didn’t save the USSR. And they won’t save Putin’s Russia. Also, while military parades and big rallies have a galvanizing effect, they can also become routine and boring, especially with young people. Of course, young people eventually turn into old people, but as the young are more active than the old, nationalism must have the hearts and minds of those who are young. Karlin wonders maybe Russia should censor like China to win over the young, but that is a form of retreat. In the long run, it won’t work because the young will feel that the ONLY way the system can win is by shutting down speech and availability of information. To truly win over the hearts and minds, the System must offer the better vision and solution. 

1. Russian youths need to be instilled with a deep sense of Russian-ness. Such depth has been lost in the US, UK, and EU, replaced by PC and Pop Culture. Deep Nationalism requires family life and its connection to history and heritage. Consider the film SIBERIADE by Andrei Konchalovsky. What that film teaches us is that family, community, and personal memory are the glue between the individual and the nation/civilization. In the West, there is a sense of the individual and a sense of history/civilization but hardly any sense of family, kinship, and memory. It’s almost as if the individual is independent of or separate from the civilization. No wonder then that anyone can become anyone. An African can become a Frenchman or Briton. Now, if a European had a personal, familial, and ancestral consciousness, he would know that he is bound to his nation by blood of relatives and forebears. Without such mindset, a civilization is just a bundle of ideas, and that means ANY individual who applies for citizenship and learns to speak the language is part of the nation. Such is recipe for national suicide and decline. Today in the West, young people are taught history, but they are not encouraged or guided to cultivate a personal link to the story of the past. What links an individual in a deep personal sense to history and nation? He is linked by ancestry. People were aware of this in the past, especially as their cultural outlook developed in close proximity of family and community, independent of the constant distractions of TV and pop culture that make young ones primarily identify with pop idols, most of whom are shallow dolts or freaks. A Briton had an ancestral and cultural sense of who he was. But today, Britain is just an idea. Anyone can become ‘British’, and even British history no longer belongs to the ancestors of the White British. Rather, it’s a just a bunch of narratives that can be molded by BBC to feature past Britons as some multi-culti polygot. Now, Britain is diverse in the sense that it was a coming together of various ethnic groups, some of whom to this day have a sense of distinctness. Still, they have deep roots in that land, real ancestry of blood and soil. For this reason, no people can survive for long if they just focus on the individual and civilization. It must focus on familial ties and ancestry as the binding element between individual and civilization.

2. Russia or any civilization that wants to survive in the long run must prioritize organicism over individualism. This doesn’t mean individualism should be quashed. It is valuable for freedom, enterprise, and creativity. But just like the body isn’t a collection of individual/independent cells, a civilization cannot simply be about individuals. The fact is individuals are different and serve different roles. Imagine if liver cells decided to serve as pancreatic cells. This doesn’t mean a return to serfdom where people are strictly bound to occupations or obligations. But it does mean one should think of one’s place in society than merely “whatever I want to do”. The individual must ask, “how does my ideas and my actions serve the nation well?” Also, men and women are fundamentally different. True, women are equal in intelligence and, especially in our mechanized age, can do most jobs men can do. Women can be good doctors and accountants. But any healthy society must prioritize jobs for men, especially well-paying jobs for men. Whereas men will marry women without jobs, vice versa is rarely true. So, if women take jobs from men, far fewer men have incomes necessary to attract wives. Therefore, most key jobs should go to men. Now, women may call this ‘unfair’, but this is because they prioritize individualism over the common good. Favoring men in the economy is a form of biological socialism. If men and women are allowed to pursue jobs as individuals, men with good jobs will marry women with good jobs, and most of the wealth will accrue to such people. Meanwhile, men who can’t get good jobs will have a hard time finding a wife, and many women without good jobs will end up single. There is something to be learned from Islam. A people must work for the common good. They must have a sense of what is good for most people than just ‘myself’.

3. As for arts, culture, and entertainment, Akira Kurosawa presented the best formula in HIGH AND LOW. There must be both substance and style. Not just hardy boots or flimsy high heels but a shoes of quality with measured style. The kind of work that can bridge the elites and the masses. Kurosawa’s films certainly did that. They were serious and entertaining. They were unique to Japanese culture but had universal appeal and reach. Russians need to follow this model to revive culture and gain soft power around the world.

4. Russia should promote a kind of universal nationalism that respects the differences and particularities among nations in history, culture, values, food, attitude, and etc. Now, there are universal values in our day and age. We don’t want a culture to practice human sacrifice, slavery, or torturing animals as blood-sport. Still, one-size-fits-all globalism must be countered with true appreciation of diversity. When PC globalists claim to celebrate ‘diversity’, they show no interest in other peoples, cultures, and values. Rather, they mean the diverse peoples of the world should all listen to rap music, worship the Holocaust & praise Jews, and wave the homo flag. It’s McDiversity where all groups must go for Happy Meal of Jewgromo-centrism(Jew-Negro-Homo-centrism). There are so many peoples and cultures in the world. The world is truly diverse. The best way to preserve and honor diversity is for every nation to secure itself against the threat of mass-invasions(aka immigration) and to respect the uniqueness of other peoples. Of course, there should be trade and travel among nations but never to the point where it leads to the Great Replacement and Deracination(as preparation of the satanic globalism that would have everyone bow down at the altar of sodomy, black thuggery, and Jewish gangsterism). There was a time of national cinema. The world came to appreciate the films of other nations in a spirit of mutual respect and curiosity, but each nation produced its own movies with uniqueness and distinctness. But look at French and British culture today. French are now like Americans who speak French, and the British might as well be members of the 51st state of America. And just look at the state of Polish and Japanese cultures. All globo-homo and Negro-worship.

Now, it’s a tall order for vodka-swilling Russians to sober up and get off their asses to do what’s right. But this looks like the repeat of the Roman Empire. The Western Empire fell but Eastern Empire survived. Western Europe seems about to fall to host of diseases like feminism, globo-homo, BLM, and etc. If things continue, Russia will be the last remaining bearer of European Civilization. Now, Byzantium, even as it survived the fall of the Western Empire, failed to achieve much and just slowly rotted. Can Russia survive the new Western Fall and also avoid the fate of the Byzantines who lacked the dynamism necessary to keep the fire going? THE OFFICIAL COVID NARRATIVE IS FALLING TO PIECES

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