Brian Rose's Real Deal – Stop Lying To Us! Covid Cases Do Not Mean Covid Deaths

As many of you will know, just recently, I’ve been going out and about in communities across the capital to find out how we can make London a world-class city once again. Speaking with the people, from those on the ground to community leaders, CEOs and business owners.

In this week’s episode, I focus on why COVID-19 cases do not mean deaths, and why we need more science-based policies and decisions.

A quick glance at the statistics shows that on the 6th of October in the UK there were 14,585 cases of COVID-19 with 266 hospital admissions but only 13 deaths. These statistics illustrate that COVID-related deaths are a tenth of those caused by smoking-related illnesses and Alzheimers and Dementia.

From the recent introduction of the 10pm curfew and increasing lockdown restrictions, it is clear that these measures do not prevent case growth but increase it. 20 million people have been locked down in the latest moves by the government and yet 19 out of 20 areas which had new measures recently imposed have reported an increase in cases.

We need solutions and we need them now!

This week I was particularly keen to hear your thoughts on:

  • What is your single biggest frustration with LOCKDOWN right now?
  • Do you believe the numbers being reported justify the lockdowns and curfews?
  • How do you think we can solve these problems and do we need better leadership?

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