Bahrainis Believe Mossad's Visit to Manama Ushers a New Era of Restricted Freedoms

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  • Bahrainis Believe Mossad's Visit to Manama Ushers a New Era of Restricted Freedoms

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Following the recent normalisation of relations signed in Washington last month, Yossi Cohen, head of the Zionist entity’s Mossad intelligence agency, visited Manama, and met with intelligence and security chiefs to discuss “issues of common interest”, according to a statement published by the Bahrain News Agency.

Cohen has been cited as a key figure in coordinating, engineering and planning the normalization deal, signed at a festive White House ceremony. In recent years, he reportedly shuttled on numerous surreptitious visits to the Gulf monarchies to build closer clandestine ties.

The Mossad chief told Zionist media in late September that the move signifies “the breaking of a glass ceiling that existed in our relations with Arab states”, adding the accords were achieved through long years of “contacts managed very, very delicately.”

The Bahrainis have; however, reacted outrageously at the government’s move to formalize ties, and quickly turned the Arabic hashtag #بحرينيون_ضد_التطبيع [  [Bahrainis against normalisation] into the most popular hashtag (was used by more than 100 million social media users). Besides, hundreds have breaved the threat of arrest and torture by taking to the streets despite heavy-handed restriction on freedom of peaceful assembly.

Shiekh Hussain A Daihy, deputy chair of Al Wefaq (Bahrain’s largest opposition bloc), said that the normalization agreement was engineered by the Mossad, which planned the whole operation to undermine regional stability, adding that the only gain that the Zionist entity is hoping to achieve is to form a regional security alliance against Iran, as Netanyahu stated, after he succeeded in turning Iran into an ‘enemy’.

Washington, London and other allies of Bahrain have long averted their eyes to the widespread breaches of human rights such as extrajudicial killings and torture of peaceful pro-democracy and anti-government demonstrators, opposition leaders, peaceful critics, and rights activists.

Now, almost a decade after the bloody crackdown on Bahrain’s pro-democracy demonstrations of 2011, the authorities’ police mentality and its cooperation with the Zionist entity’s intelligence to suppress the peaceful dissents has become quite evident. Hence, the question is: what will happen to the remaining freedoms in Bahrain?!

The Zionist entity, through the Mossad, has been indeed exercising its vicious role in Bahrain for a long time by selling the autocratic government surveillance technology and programs of censorship to pursue and hack political and human rights activists and dissidents’ mobile phones.

Bahrainis believe that the US-brokered deal was nothing but a political gift to Trump and Netanyahu aiming at pulling them out of the ocean of troubles they are drowning in. Nonetheless, the cheap gift that Manama has received could be deemed as a green light to promote its punitive vindictive measures and alleged sovereignty claims, through which 4000+ prisoners of conscience have been held behind bars merely because they dared to demand basic freedoms.

Over the past 10 years, i.e. since mid-March 2011, Manama has been carrying out an unrelenting campaign of judicial and administrative retribution, credible allegations of torture, politically-motivated mass dismissals of workers from jobs and students from university, arbitrary arrests, unfair trials before special military courts mostly on patently political charges, citizenship revocation, etc.

Consequently, a new era of restricted freedoms and increased governmental control is expected to undermine Bahrain’s political, social, cultural, educational and economic stability. The Mossad’s visit indeed means that control over civil society organizations, individuals and other actors would be severely tightened.