Government Plans to Lockup University Students For 14 Days Prior to Christmas Break

Under the government’s plan, which is in its early stages, universities would go into lockdown from 8 December until 22 December where they will be unable to leave campus and will do all lessons online in their dorms.

This Orwellian plan is all part of the pledge from Boris ‘scrooge’ Johnson to “get students home safely for Christmas”. Well, I’m sure locking them up for 14 days will get their Christmas off to a great start.

Call me old-fashioned, but isn’t Christmas the one time of year where we actually get to drink to much, party to hard and celebrate with our friends? Apparently this old-thinking is dangerous, lets lock the kids up instead. No fun for you this year, boys and girls!

Michelle Donelan, the university’s minister for England, is to hold talks with representatives of Universities UK and other higher education leaders on Thursday in an effort to persuade them to back the plan. – The Guardian[1]

Whether this gets pushed through and implemented remains to be seen, but if the past months are anything to go by, I’d say it was almost inevitable.

There are of course lots of people moaning about this plan, but most just think it’s not enough and they would be better off just sending students home now, but again this would mean no fun for those pesky kids!:

“Instead of this perverse obsession with Christmas, ministers and universities must focus on the here and now. We should be talking about getting people home now, not in two months’ time,” Grady said. “This is a government completely out of touch with the public and seemingly unaware of what happens at universities.” – The Guardian[1]

But don’t worry too much about them, we’ll all be in lockdown soon enough anyway, with the ‘circuit-breaker’ becoming ever more popular by the day I’d say we were literally days away from a nationwide lockdown in the UK.

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