Women Giving Birth in France Forced to Wear Face Masks

Women in France giving birth are being forced to wear facemasks throughout child labour and are even unable to kiss their newborns.

The stress and anxiety this has caused for mothers during the birth of their babies has resulted in some requiring C-sections.

 ‘As soon as I pushed the first time I realised that it was going to be complicated and my instinct was to take off the mask to breathe.’ – Daily Mail[1]

This unnamed lady told the Daily Mail[1] that when she did remove her mask, she was quickly ordered to put the mask back on. So she did.

‘I had the feeling that I was suffocating, I was very hot, I was sweating profusely under my mask, I wasn’t managing it.

I remember one point my partner took the mask off me because he could see that I was in distress, but he was told off for doing so.

In the end the doctor had to use forceps and my son was born with amniotic fluid in his lungs, a bump on his head from the forceps and he had to be transferred to the neonatal service in another hospital because the hospital I was in did not have adequate facilities.’ Daily Mail[1]

Aside from the obvious danger and distress this is causing mothers during childbirth, it also means these new lives are having to see their mother for the first time with a mask covering over 50% of her face. What kind of World are these babies being born into?

Mothers are also reporting that once their child is born they could not kiss their newborns because of the enforcement of facemasks. In many cases fathers were also no able to be present at the birth, meaning expectant mothers could not have the support their partners might offer, nor could the father see the birth of their new child.

‘Women need to be more understanding of one another. The suffering and the trauma is real. Today, I don’t know if I would be psychologically capable to have a second child given what I have been through.’ – Daily Mail[1]

The World has gone mad, this is no longer a joke and comedic mockery of events, it’s a fact.

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