Turkish Military Deployed Leopard Battle Tanks In Southern Idlib (Video)

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On October 18, the Turkish Armed Forces deployed a large armored unit in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

The unit, which consisted of several Leopard 2A4 battle tanks, Kirpi and Vuran armored vehicles, took position at the town of Josef in the southern Idlib countryside. The town is located south of the M4 highway, which links Lattakia and Aleppo.

The Turkish Armed Forces may be planning to establish a post in Josef. Earlier this week, a new post was established near the town of Qoqfin in southwestern Idlib.

The military buildup in southern Idlib coincide with reports of a near Turkish withdrawal from a post besieged by Syrian government forces in northern Hama.

Turkish forces are making preparations to withdraw from the post, which is located next to the town of Murak. The withdrawal process will reportedly start within 48 hours.

The situation in Greater Idlib remains far from stable. The remaining militants in the region are violating the March 5 agreement on a regular basis. Turkish forces are doing nothing whatsoever to stop these provocations. This may soon lead to a new escalation.



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