UK On The Brink of Full Lockdown

It was always heading this way; I warned you, as well as every other soul out there with an ounce of intelligence. The second wave and its lockdown was being discussed by Government and their la-la land pandemic analysts from virtually day one.

“There will be a second wave” they said, “There will be a second lockdown” they said, and low and behold; it looks like we are almost there!

Lockdown has been revamped though, ‘Lockdown’ doesn’t quite fit with the UK Governments new superduper, 21st century, intergalactic name tagging that they so love, ‘Operation Moonshoot’ had it, ‘Lockdown’ doesn’t. So they’ve given it an overhaul and are now cooling it ‘Circuit Breaker’.

Pretty cool, huh?

Well, not really, it’s equally ridiculous as ‘Operation Moonshoot’, but what do you expect from a ridiculous Government. So the name gives the impression that by Locking Down it will somehow stop the virus in its tracks. Which is of course simply not going to happen. Look what happened in the last lockdown, cases went through the roof!

So where are we so far?

Boris Johnson currently holds firm that England will not be doing a ‘Circuit Breaker’, but the rest of the UK have already announced they are and Ireland is also looking likely.

Wales goes into Lockdown

Wales goes into Lockdown this Friday until 9th November:

Wales will go into a “short, sharp” national lockdown from Friday until 9 November.

People will be told to stay at home and pubs, restaurants, hotels and non-essential shops must shut.

Primary schools will reopen after the half-term break, but only Years 7 and 8 in secondary schools can return at that time under new “firebreak” rules. 

Gatherings indoors and outdoors with people not in your household will also be banned. – BBC NEWS[1]

Scotland already started their lockdown on October 9th:

Scots will reportedly be ordered to stay home from Friday night as the country is plunged into a second lockdown.

An NHS source claimed that doctors have been briefed that the ‘circuit-breaker’ clampdown will start at 7pm that day in a bid to stem coronavirus.

The restrictions would be centred on a ‘stay-at-home’ order for a fortnight following a surge in Covid-19 cases, according to The Sun. – Daily Star[2]

Northern Ireland went into lockdown on 16th October:

Pubs and restaurants in Northern Ireland have been ordered to close and schools will have an extended half-term break as part of a four-week “circuit-breaker” to deal with soaring coronavirus cases.

Starting on Friday,  first minister Arlene Foster announced the four-week partial lockdown will also see a ban on indoor sport, close-contact services such as hairdressing and public events involving more than 15 people. – The Independent[3]

Finally Ireland announced a 6 week lockdown today:

Ireland will become the first EU country to go back into a national lockdown on Wednesday, as regions across Europe were added to a growing patchwork of restrictive anti-virus measures.

From midnight on Wednesday, all non-essential retail businesses in Ireland will have to close and bars and restaurants will be allowed to offer takeaway or delivery only.

The measures will last for six weeks and rank as the toughest restrictions in Europe since the first round of national lockdowns, although schools will be allowed to stay open. – The Telegraph[4]

The only Country in the UK that has yet to commit to full Lockdown is England, with Boris and his Conservative Government holding firm in opposition of a ‘Circuit Breaker’.

But its all theatre, with Sage banging the drum louder than ever for a national lockdown and fear-mongering of beds running out across the Country if we don’t lockdown now, well, its just a matter of time before Boris and gang do what they always were going to do, Lock us down.

SAGE advisor Professor Jeremy Farrar has said the UK needs a circuit breaker lockdown now to make the most of a potential breakthrough in the race for the virus. – Mirror[5]

Greater Manchester is set to run out of intensive care beds to treat people left seriously ill by Covid-19, and some of those units in the region’s 12 hospitals are already full, a leaked NHS document has revealed. – The Guardian[6]

So get ready for the bog-roll shortage, get ready for panic, because another national lockdown is surely just around the corner, if I was a betting man I’d say as soon as this Friday, just in time for half-term. After all, we can’t have those pesky kids socialising and having fun.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt it and if I am and Boris holds strong, you can be sure we will be punished severely with a manufactured exponential increase of COVID deaths. Then everyone can say, “I told you so”, Disbelievers and COVID deniers can be hung from street corners and thrown in the river!

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