Human Test Subject Dies In The Oxford COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

We’ve had a case of Transverse myelitis[1], a serious spinal condition and a whole host of other moderate side-effects, all thanks to the joint COVID-19 trials by Oxford University and Astrazeneca.

Now we have a death to add into the mix as news comes in that a participant in the trials has died.

BRAZIL’S health authority has confirmed a volunteer has died after participating in the clinical trials of the coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University.

The country’s health authority, Anvisa confirmed one person died following the trials of the drug. An investigation will be led into the matter – The Express[2]

But fear not, you don’t think something so minor as a little death is going to stop these trials in their tracks, no sir, it’s business as usual!:

Despite the death of the person, the health authority confirmed trials will continue.

Despite the death of the volunteer, Oxford University has stated there are no concerns surrounding the safety of the trials. –  The Express[2]

No concerns for safety? 

The BBC used some very careful wording to suggest that the death was somebody in the placebo group, however they supply no evidence and as I said use careful wording:

The BBC understands that the volunteer did not receive the vaccine. – BBC News[3]

The article from the BBC goes on to say:

Brazilian media report that the volunteer was a 28-year-old doctor who died of Covid-19 complications. They say the doctor had worked with infected patients. – BBC News[3]

Bloomberg were also just as vague in their attempts to dampen concerns over the death:

A participant who died during a trial of AstraZeneca Plc’s Covid-19 vaccine in Brazil hadn’t received the company’s shot, according to a person familiar with the matter. –[4]

So halleluiah and shake-a-leg it’s all OK, it was that pesky COVID-19. No evidence required, in fact no details at all required, move along and get that vaccine out there!

In all fairness, this could well be a nothing story, it could genuinely be a death caused by something else or even the dreaded COVID-19, just as I may one day decide to take up professional football (I hate football).

Once we have more details on this we will let you know. Please as usual leave your comments below.

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