Riots erupt in Naples against the Leftist Sanitary Dictatorship that is killing Italy’s economy

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Article by Leo Lyon Zagami

Finally, after months of limitations and human rights violations imposed by an unelected government of leftist criminals working under the spell of the Socialist European Union, Italy explodes in anger.

Violent riots started yesterday all over Naples as people took to the streets since last night following the imposition of a new lockdown and the first night of curfew that was decided by the Communist governor of the Campagnia region Vicenzo De Luca, leader of the Italian Democrats in the South of Italy, strongly supported by the local Mafia known as “Camorra.”

These are the first protests in Italy since the coronavirus outbreak eight months ago, and videos and photos on social media show shocking scenes as many young people clash with police officers in one of the biggest cities in southern Italy, that has finally had enough of this sanitary dictatorship.

Tension is growing after the libtard government imposed new restrictions following a supposed rise in coronavirus cases in recent weeks in some regions. Lombardy and Campania in particular, have seen a huge spike in infections, but still a relatively small number of deaths to justify this new lockdown that will destroy the already struggling economy of Italy.

The still ongoing riots started in Naples soon after De Luca, who is acting like a Marxist dictator, said on Friday that he was imposing a total lockdown, closing schools, businesses and leaving only essential services open to prevent further spread of the virus, suggesting the rest of Italy following his lead in this matter. Unfortunately, Italy is under the spell of the Socialist infested European Union and Germany, with a Sicilian Mafiosi president like Sergio Mattarella, who has sold out the country to Communist China.

The Italian president, fearing the growing tension, has called for an urgent meeting of the Supreme Defense Council on October 27, 2020:

Italian developments should be followed closely, as further social unrest and a possible civil war could be imminent .

Ongoing riots in Naples Saturday October 24, 2020


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