Wales Supermarkets Ban The Purchase of What They Deem ‘Non-Essentials’

I should mention that this is not something all supermarkets have decided to do, it seems to be on a shop-by-shop basis.

Both Sainsburys and Asda are still reported to be business as usual, while Tesco seems to have gone ‘Full-Covid’ across the Country.

Wales’ second lockdown is pretty much the same has the first Lockdown, with all non-essential workers housebound, schools closed with the exception of years 7 & 8 and only essential shopping trips allowed.

Scotland has been in their second lockdown also for over a week now and while Boris and his gang of clowns remain defiant against imposing a second lockdown, a so-called ‘circuit-breaker’, I fear one such lockdown is imminent. 

Who would have thought the ‘Covid-Circus’ would still be in full swing over 9 months after it began, isn’t the majority bored with this yet?  

I certainly am!

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