France Declares Second National Lockdown Until at Least End of November

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced a second national lockdown until at least the end of November.

The new measures, which will begin on Friday, will mean people will only be allowed to leave home for essential work or medical reasons.

Non-essential businesses will close, but schools and factories will remain open.

This second lockdown comes as cases in the Country continue to rise to levels not seen since April.

Macron said in a televised address today:

The virus is circulating at a speed that not even the most pessimistic forecasts had anticipated.

Like in the spring, you will be able to leave your house only to work, for a medical appointment, to provide assistance to a relative, to shop for essential goods or to go for a walk near your house…

Other Countries across Europe have also begun second national lockdowns as cases increase. But of course, anyone who has been paying attention would have anticipated this move. A second wave was warned right at the beginning of the pandemic, and whether it was required or not, you were going to get it!

Cases Are Not Cases

Firstly, let me just clarify, a case is not actually a case, it is an infection. They are two very different things. A case as the statistics presents is merely a positive result from test. This should be called an infection(of SARS-CoV-2). 

The majority of people who are recorded as COVID19 cases are in fact just SARS-CoV-2 infections which will never go on to develop the COVID-19 disease.

It’s like recording HIV positive results as AIDS. They are very different things. One is a virus, one is a disease. In the case of SARS-CoV-2, the virus is harmless to the majority of the population and therefore isn’t a significant point of reference. 

It’s true, deaths are on the rise again. But this isn’t unusual, actually it’s perfectly normal for this time of year.

Excess deaths in some countries have begun to creep ever so slightly above the 5 year average, but not significantly.

As winter draws in, the cold weather takes out the weak, it’s a phenomenon that has occurred for millennia. The usual culprit for these deaths is Influenza, however it would seem Influenza no longer exists.

COVID-19 appears to have given Influenza a well-deserved break from being the big seasonal killer.

People will die this year, probably more than usual due to the ever increasing tyrannical protocols being implemented by governments across the globe, and the fear being driven into every household 24 hours a day by the media. Make no mistake, there will be death.

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