Do Third World Countries Take As Long To Count Votes As The US?

Do these states that are still up in the air have people working graveyard shifts to count the votes? Or do they just shut down for the night?

Wisconsin appears to be counting steadily, but what about the Eastern Time Zone states like Georgia?

It’s only 11:42 pm on the West Coast so the night is young.

Update: It’s 12:01 AM here in California. I am wide awake. What I’d like to know is whether the various up-in-the-air states are still counting votes right now, or whether they’ve called a lid and expect to stroll back in 8 or 9ish in the morning and start counting again.

Anybody know?

Here’s a livestream of vote-counting in Philadelphia:

So they are working hard in Philly, they’re just not telling you the results until the bosses get back during office hours, or something. You will be apprised of the results of all this hard work at the appropriate time, but not before.

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