Sailer In Taki's: My Opinion Of Trump

For my Taki Magazine column this morning, I finally get around to being just about the last pundit in the world to give you my opinion on Donald Trump’s personality:

Being a Wednesday-morning columnist is a good gig, except the day after Election Day when nobody will be interested in whatever statistics I’d researched on Monday.

So, having no clue how the voting turned out yesterday, let me try to be at least vaguely relevant by finally getting around to telling you My Opinion of Trump.

It occurs to me that I’ve probably written less about Donald Trump’s personality over the past four years than just about any pundit in America.

One reason is because everybody else writes incessantly about Trump, while my niche is analyzing topics that few dare mention, such as how urban murders were up 53% over 2019 during the June–August George Floyd mourning process. (How’s that media-declared Racial Reckoning working out for big-city property values anyway?)

Another reason is that my main interest is in pattern recognition: I’m basically a baseball-stats-type guy who instead analyzes social data.

Trump, on the other hand, is sui generis.

Read the whole thing there.

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