How to Reactivate the Body’s Self-Healing…

Today, I’m going to be talking about how healing works, how to change your life forever, which hopefully it’s already started down that process.

One thing that is really been a very interesting subject for me, over the years, is why people have disease. I started doing research, on that, over 25 years ago. And, what’s fascinating, but not necessarily a good thing, is that I still ask individuals that come to me, and ask for help, or say they have a disease, we did this back when we had our clinic 20 years ago. The first thing we would do is we would sit the individual patient down and say, “Can you explain to me why you have cancer?” Or “Can you explain to me why you have diabetes?” Or “Why you have arthritis,” or migraines for that matter, or whatever. And, in 20 something years, no one, or maybe just a few people, have ever been able to answer that question.

And the second question we would ask them is, “What do you do for fun?” Or “What makes you happy?” And they couldn’t answer those questions either. I think it’s very important that if you’re going to be treating a disease, because I believe everybody has a self-healing mechanism, and we all have the power to heal ourselves, and for years and years, my main research is to find the easiest, simplest ways to reactivate the body’s self-healing mechanism.

And, I think one of those ways starts with education, because we would explain, first of all, why they have the disease that they have. And once you understand why you have the disease, or why you have the condition, it’s a lot easier for your body’s self-healing mechanism to eliminate it, because something kicks in, in your brain.

We’re also going to talk about how the healing process actually works, because that’s another question I ask people. “You might be taking supplements, or juicing, or doing all this stuff, but do you know exactly how the healing process is taking place inside your body?” The why and the how are very important, which I’m going to go over some of that today.

How does healing actually work? Basically, the body is a magnet. It’s an electro-magnetic system. And every, single thing that you do, you have positive or high vibrations, or you have negative or low vibrations, because we are all vibrational beings. That’s like you have hot, cold, you have fast cars, slow cars. You have bad doctors. You have naturopathic doctors. Good doctors. Everything is the yin and the yang of life. Right? There’s always the positive and the negative to everything. That’s how the world, and the universe, balances itself out.

If your vibration is low, on a regular basis, you are going to attract low vibrational things. You are going to attract low vibrational people. You are going to have low vibrational emotions. You are going to have illness set in.

And if your vibrations are high, of course, you are going to attract high vibrational things. You are going to have high vibrational emotions. You are going to be attracted to high vibrational events. And, your health is going to be influenced, and it’s going to be benefited. As Albert Einstein said, “Everything in life is vibration.” I think he was a pretty smart guy.

What actually lowers our healing vibrations? I was saying earlier all these years of research, looking at the self-healing mechanism and trying to determine the root cause of disease, we look at all of the different compounds, which a lot of you know about now. What we identified is every, single day, everything you do, actually, the environment in which you live in, are going to be creating either positive, healing vibrations, or negative, un-healing vibrations or sickness vibrations.

What we found lowers your vibrations the most, is you are going to have either clean, pure air to breathe, which would be positive, or you are going to have negative, toxic air to breathe. Toxic air, you are going to have clean food to eat, live food to eat. Or you’re going to have bad food to eat, foods that are going to lower your vibration.

And then, beverages, anything that is man made, or synthetic, is going to lower your healing vibrations. We also found that any type of parasites, which in my opinion is, running rampant right now. And those are sucking the energy and reducing your self-healing mechanism, and a parasite could be anything, from a worm, a fungus, a mold, yeast, mycoplasmas, you name it. But these are just organisms that are living off of you and stealing your nutrition.

Heavy metals are going to lower your vibrational frequency. Electromagnetic radiation. Prescription medications. Even supplements, a lot of times you have all these negative influencing, synthetic vitamins and minerals, anything you buy, usually from a drugstore, from a grocery store, I mean supplements can be damaging and lower your vibrations just like any other toxin can.

And then you have traumas, if you’ve gotten in car accidents. Emotional trauma. The media. The media is one of the things out there that is purposely set up to keep everybody’s vibrational frequency low, because what does it do? It creates fear. It’s fear-mongering, and how many times have you seen actual positive things on any type of media?

We looked at all of those and realized that in today’s society, because of the SAD American diet and everything else, that most people are walking around with blocked elimination routes. They’re not drinking enough water, so they are not peeing enough. They’re not eating the proper foods, so they aren’t defecating enough. Some people are having one to two bowel movements a week! They are not exercising enough, so they are not respirating and sweating the toxins out.

Guess what happens? It all starts building up inside your body. And it starts reducing your self-healing mechanism. And it starts creating and lowering your body’s frequency level to the point where you start getting symptoms. And then, symptoms end up turning into the disease.

The last thing on here is very important because we’ve become a society that is, on purpose, detoxification, cleansing, fasting, all of the ways that you eliminate all of these chemicals and toxins from your body, is not taught to anybody. And it’s not taught by the allopathic medicine doctors, either. The good thing about all the doctors here, and all the speakers here, is that there are so many ways to raise your vibrational frequencies. Whatever they are doing can work. There is not, necessarily, one specific way.

How do you raise your healing vibrations? This is the most important part, right here. I mean, in simplicity, you just do more things that raise your vibrations than you do that lower your vibrations. But like I was talking about earlier, out of all these years the one thing that I’ve found that is missing is people don’t understand why they have disease to begin with. But once you teach them that, which basically we are going over right now, teaching them how to be mindful. You just have to be mindful and conscious of yourself, because we are taught to have that mentality to look elsewhere for the solutions, instead of looking inside for the solutions.

And another way that I love to raise your frequency is through meditation, because meditation balance both hemispheres of your brain and it synchronizes your brain. Positive thoughts will automatically raise your vibration by 10 megahertz. This is why it is so important to do cleansing, and this is a system that we have modified over the years, over 20 years. It’s nothing new. It’s not like I’m inventing something that hasn’t been done. All of this stuff, that I’m talking about today, has been used for over 3,000, 5,000, 10,000 years or whatever. You can always see evidence of cleansing, detoxification, fasting, anybody got sick they would go to the local spring and sit there and heal themselves.

One of the fastest ways that we’ve found, and many of these doctors have found, to raise your vibrational frequencies, is to get all the stuff that’s lowering your frequencies out of your body, because your body is the most effective healer in the world. And the true definition of a doctor is nothing more than a teacher. A doctor’s main job is to teach you, and guide you, until you can take over on your own and become your own self-healer. It’s a self-healing master class, basically.

What we found is all disease starts in the gut. But, all health begins in the gut. And that’s why the most important thing is healing the gut first, and then moving on to healing the liver and cleansing the liver, because you want to be able to have the gut working good before you start pushing all these chemicals and toxins back into it for elimination.

You can also raise your vibration with clean, high vibrational supplementation, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, sunlight, good sleep, earthing, music, fasting, organic healthy eating, juicing, and opening up your elimination routes.

Here’s some other ways that you can raise your vibrational frequency. Stop complaining. Stop blaming. Your vibration creates your reality. I love winning the mornings. Mornings can be so important to raise your vibrational frequency. But, in order to win the mornings, and I’m talking about getting up in the morning and not grabbing your cell phone, going in to meditation for 30 minutes or an hour. Then doing 30 minutes of some personal development work. Then doing some spiritual work, spending time with yourself, being mindful for the first 30, 45 minutes of every, single day. That can do amazing things for you.

But, in order to win the mornings, you have to win the evenings. And that means not staying up late watching Netflix and going to bed at one o’clock in the morning, but actually getting some sleep. I love that just to find a way to start your day in a positive way and find ways to laugh every, single day. Deep breathing is also incredibly beneficial for raising your vibrational frequencies. If you haven’t looked at Wim Hof, he’s got 20 something Guinness records, but they injected him with bacteria, and through breathing he was able to neutralize the bacteria.

But, there’s one other thing I’d like to talk about and that’s the highest vibrations possible. When you start looking at how to increase your vibrations, and you start asking yourself, “Okay, is there something else? Is there something else?”

In the pineal gland, I’ve studied a lot with the pineal gland because that is your third eye. That is bathed in highly-charged, cerebrospinal fluid. Highly charged. It has more blood flow per cubic volume than any other organ, and it’s a tiny, little thing. It’s the gland with the highest concentration of energy in the body. And actually, it has a little crystal inside of it. You can see the videos, and during autopsies where they’ve done studies. And the monks, or the masters, that have lived in the Himalayas or whatever, they have their crystal in their pineal gland is a lot larger than somebody who, let’s say, is an atheist.

But, what we’ve seen happen, since probably the 1930s, 1940s, is the introduction of compounds that will calcify your pineal gland. And, those are the halogens, fluoride, chlorine, bromine. It’s everywhere. What the Germans and the Russians did in the POW camps, they found out about this, because it lowers your aggression, it makes you calm, almost like a zombie.

There is only one thing that I know that will eliminate that and that’s iodine. And pretty much every, single person is deficient in iodine. Iodine is used for every, single reaction in the body. It’s used to help balance your hormones. It’s an extremely effective antimicrobial. Iodine and selenium work great together for thyroid, but also work incredibly well for cancer, and all disease. Iodine has been known to detoxify heavy metals. And recently, anecdotally, we are getting reports that iodine is helping reduce the symptoms of EMF exposure.

If you really want to increase your vibrations, detoxify your pineal gland, decalcify your pineal gland, pay attention and don’t consume any of the fluoride, bromine, chlorine. And then start meditating. Meditation is amazing, it’s probably one of my favorite things. If you notice the things, you can raise your vibrational frequencies, this is it, everything is in simplicity, right? How much does it cost to water fast? $1.99 a day for a gallon of distilled water. How much does sunlight cost? Nothing. How much does nature cost, to go out in nature? Nothing. How much does meditation cost? Nothing. You could pretty much conquer all of those things at once and it really doesn’t even cost that much money. All you are doing is just paying attention and being mindful of yourself.

If you want to experience high vibrations, you have to create high vibrations, and every journey starts with a first step. You really just have to break it down to be in the present moment at all times. That’s how I do it, even though I slip from time to time. I still need to catch myself. But, just being conscious, and just being conscious and aware of what you are doing and in the environment in which you are living.

I ask everybody what habits can they change right now? What habits can they change today to increase your vibrations tomorrow?

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