Nightingale Hospitals to Become Mass Immunization Centres

Remember those gigantic make-shift hospitals that were built in the UK near the beginning of pandemic to ensure there were enough beds to cope with the coronavirus plandemic?

Ever wondered why they never got used?

Well, wonder no more, it seems the true purpose of these mysterious places has been revealed.

According to the NHS England chief executive Sir Simon Stevens, the nightingale hospitals will play a vital role in the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

He said in relation to when and how the immunization programme will be achieved:

So it’s going to be a combination of what GPs are able to do, what community pharmacists are able to do, but also mass vaccination centres, which is one of the purposes we will be using the Nightingale Hospitals for, and other locations as well. – Wales Online[1]

And so it all becomes clear, the erection of the nightingale hospitals never did settle to well with me, plus I could never understand exactly how they were to be used. Hospital space was never really the problem, lack of staff and equipment is the issue.

Having an extra 4,000 beds in each of the seven Nightingale hospitals, the equivalent of 70 district hospitals is all well and good, but with no trained staff to function there, what was the point. 

It wasn’t the point, it would seem. Mass immunization centres make far more sense. While Stevens hasn’t stated this was the original intended purpose, I’d argue that it possibly was because we came nowhere near close to requiring the beds and even if we did use the beds, we would not have had any medical personnel to work there.

Stevens also said:

There will be roving teams who will prioritise care homes and social care staff and other vulnerable groups – Wales Online[1]

Looks like 2021 could be as fun as 2020!

Let me know what you think about this, am I the only one who thinks mass immunization of a relatively untested vaccine for a disease which most of us will never get, and for those that do, the majority will scrape by with little more than a bad cold, is a terrible idea?

It’s like the nefarious plans of some evil villain in a marvel comic, and yet, still even now, people tell me I’m a tinfoil conspiracy theorist. Yet here we are in 2020 living in a reality not dissimilar to much of what myself and many other so-called tinfoil conspiracy theorists have been warning of for decades.

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