My name is Jeanie Sorenson and I was diagnosed December 12th, 2018, just last year and it was invasive ductal carcinoma.

For most of my family it was fear, fear of losing me. For me, because I had been set up before my diagnosis, I had watched Truth About Cancer. I felt I didn’t feel as much fear and I also have a really strong faith and so I just knew that I would be taken care of.

I had a biopsy and there were six days between my biopsy and my diagnosis and those I called my what-if days because it was like I was actively having to fight the what-if bombs. What if it’s cancer? What if it’s spread? What if it’s fatal? What if. And I am a Rolfer, which is body work, and I have this 20 year old client who is a serious lifelong learner. And her favorite subject to study is health and nutrition. And every time I work on her, I say to her, so what have you learned since I saw you last time? And this time, two days into after my biopsy, I asked her that question and she said, “Oh my gosh, I have just watched the most amazing documentary with my grandparents. It’s called Truth About Cancer.”

And she chatted the whole time I worked on her, which is an hour and a half. And she told me everything she had learned. And I knew that that was not a coincidence. I knew that. She told me that I could get the first two episodes on YouTube. So I went home that night and my husband and I watched it. That was our introduction.

Well, I could not get enough, and we searched like crazy. We were, you know how some people will say they spent their weekends bingeing on Downton Abbey or This Is Us or their favorite season and they watch a whole season. We looked everywhere for Truth About Cancer on YouTube and we watched everything we could get. We watched everything on Ty Bollinger. We just binged for those few days. We were like … Oh my gosh. It was, I felt, I think it’s because we felt empowered because we knew what was coming. We knew that when I met with it, because I already had an appointment with my oncologist and we knew radiation and chemo, hormone blocker. We knew all that was coming.

Well we, I had said my whole life because my mom had many friends that she sat by the bedside and watched them die and we always asked the question, “Did the cancer kill him or did the chemo kill him?” And so I had kind of said, it’s really easy to say though, until it’s time to put your money where your mouth is, that I would never have chemo or radiation. But I feel like Truth About Cancer was just this God thing put into our life before we met with all of them because they do scare you. It was really scary and we did not make our decision right away to deny that. Because the statistics are 85% of the women who have radiation are still alive five years later, 40% are alive if they don’t have radiation.

Well, I don’t want to be in the 40%, right? And then the other statistics where women who tried to do it naturally only have a 33% less success rate than women who do it conventionally. So those were, they were really scary and we really considered it, but we felt like Truth About Cancer had been put into our lives for a reason. So we just kept … We ordered it and we just binged on it like I said, and it gave us the courage, it gave us the empowerment that we needed to say “No.” Because in my circle of in community I was the only one and there were many women in our church. There were many women just in my circle of life that they were all having radiation and they all thought I was crazy to not have it.

The only conventional thing I did is I did have the lump removed because of Truth About Cancer I sought out a naturopath and he recommended probably the best advice I got in the whole journey was “Do not make any rash decisions. Just take your time, do all your research. But I do think you should have it removed.” Because his experience is that all the women, even if they went 100% naturally, the ones who had the lump removed had a higher success rate. So I did have it removed, but that’s the only … And then so it was like I went to the surgeon, had it removed, and then I went back to the naturopath.

Right? And the research we did said chemo had a 2% success rate. 2%. Like I won’t even try anything if it’s 50%. I might try if it’s 90%.

By the time I had surgery, I had watched Truth About Cancer and really resonated with Dr. V and really resonated with Dr. Axe. And so I was doing oils, I was doing myrrh and frankincense, I was taking it internally, I was smearing it on my breasts. Dr. V had … And then I went over to YouTube and watched everything I could get on them. And Dr. V had an interview with Chris Wark. And Chris Wark had this whole Square One program that we subscribed to and it had all of these moringa powder and all these things to be taking. So I was taking all of that.

We also have many people in our community who had been to the Biocare Hospital in Tijuana and there was a serum called Alavazotto treatment. It was created by a doctor in Greece. We researched that extensively and everything we’re hearing on Truth About Cancer talked about you don’t get sick because you have cancer, you get cancer because you’re sick. And it’s all about your immune system. And Chris Wark said “The perfect treatment to cancer is building a good immune system.” And that’s what the Alavazotto treatment does. It’s vitamins, minerals and amino acids. And so we did go to Mexico, we went to Tijuana and did the Alavazotto treatment, which is a two-hour IV every day for 20 days of a serum that builds your immune system.

The 20 days of this serum.

They did the dendritic cell vaccine. So I came home with 12 shots that my husband gave me for 12 weeks. And then you also come home with a really strict diet of things that Dr. Alavazotto claimed would affect … Because the serum continues to build your immune system and if you don’t eat, if you eat certain things, it changes the effectiveness. I was on a pretty strict diet.

Yeah, pretty much. I have, I’d say 90% of the time I eat salads. Chris Wark goes through cancer fighting salads and cancer fighting smoothies and so I drink two or three smoothies a day and eat two or three salads a day.

The only diagnostic that I’ve had is with a naturopath. Every three months he does the cancer marker tests and those numbers just keep dropping. They want them to be below a 30 and every time. The last ones I had were a nine and a 12 and he was very pleased. They just keep dropping. And then I’m due to have an MRI. I just haven’t had that. Of the breasts. And he wants me to do that annually. But I feel better than I have felt in years. I feel like I’m 20 years old. Right? The energy … When people see me, even if they’ve heard I’d have cancer and they see me in the grocery store and they’re like, “You look so fabulous. You look so good.” They just can’t stop saying that.

And we have a lodge over in Alaska and we have these guests who are friends of friends and they knew that I had cancer and when they left there, they wrote a letter and they’re like, “We did not expect you to have more energy than we did.” So yeah, I feel fabulous.

My naturopath when I first was diagnosed told me that he wanted me to read the book, How To Beat Cancer With Nutrition. He thought that it was one of the best, the first ones I should read. And it’s Patrick Quillin and the very first page of the book, he makes a statement in there that says “For the patient and even for society, cancer is a catastrophic event, but for some it’s an extraordinary opportunity to create your life into a masterpiece.” And when I read that, I actually wrote it on the outside of my journal. It’s like, “This is going to be my motto. This is my opportunity to create my life into a masterpiece.”

Interviewer: Yeah, Patrick Quillin’s awesome.

Yeah. My number one for all of them, even not cancer patients, but everybody that I come in contact with, I tell them when to watch Truth About Cancer. And I tell them, “Do not do anything. Do not make any decisions until you’ve watched it.”

Just a thank you. A thank you to Ty and Charlene because they … Somebody said that the other day about “the real celebrities are not the Hollywood stars, but the people who are making a difference.” And I feel like Ty and Charlene saved my life because I don’t know that … Because I had watched Truth About Cancer before I even met with the oncologist, I had that like somebody behind me, somebody with my back, somebody that’s got my back. I don’t know if I’d been able … I worry that I would have been able, probably been feared into doing radiation, doing the hormone blockers, doing all those things. So just a huge thank you to all that you guys are doing because we are eventually going to save the world. Right?

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