Health Freedom & Election 2020 (Putting the Pieces…

What a crazy 11 days it’s been since Election Night 2020!  Never before have we seen the massive amount of allegations of fraud, videos and eye witnesses of vote suppression, and inexplicable “anomalies” that began on November 3rd and are still flooding in. You can check out some of the bizarre irregularities in this article.

But let’s take a step back for a minute. The majority of readers understand the importance of transparency and truth in the election process, which is the bedrock of our Republic, but for those of you who still don’t quite understand why this is relevant to your health or how it applies to the freedom we enjoy in this great country, please allow us to connect the dots and put the pieces of the puzzle into place for you.

COVID-19 and Transfer of Wealth

Over the past few months, as we’ve been watching the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ unfold, it has been abundantly clear that there must be an underlying reason why governments across the globe are acquiescing to recommendations by “experts” to lock down the citizenry. If you haven’t seen Plandemic, produced by our good friend, Mikki Willis, you need to take 26 minutes and watch it here. In this film, Dr. Judy Mikovits discusses how she believes that the coronavirus pandemic was the result of research that occurred in the USA at a North Carolina laboratory at Fort Detrick as well as the infamous Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Plandemic II (watch here) tracks a three decade-long money trail that leads directly to the key players behind the COVID-19 pandemic and connects the dots between all forms of media, the medical industry, politics and the financial industry to unmask the major conflicts of interests with the decision makers that are currently managing this crisis, exposing the plan to eventually produce trillions of dollars of revenue for Big Pharma.

Remember, follow the money! CNBC’s Jim Cramer said the pandemic and resulting lockdown paved the way for “one of the greatest wealth transfers in history.”

Get this!  In early February 2020, Moderna partnered with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci to begin creating one of the COVID-19 vaccines. Later that month, its stock price increased 78.1% when it announced that its messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine was ready for clinical trials. We’ll discuss mRNA vaccines in a few minutes.

And this past Monday, as Axios reported:Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sold $5.6 million worth of stock on Monday — the same day it said its … coronavirus vaccine showed 90% effectiveness in preliminary results, which saw the company’s stock soaring almost 8%.”

But what they did not tell you was that only 94 of 43,538 participants were in the sample that showed 90% effectiveness.  And another tidbit that almost nobody is discussing is that the vaccine must be stored at -94 degrees Fahrenheit until it’s injected. That’s colder than the average temperature on Mars. How many doctor’s offices have freezers that can keep the vaccine at 94 degrees below zero?

We will further discuss the COVID-19 vaccines later in this article.

So where do President Trump & Joe Biden stand on Health Freedom?

Joe Biden is in favor of a national mask mandate.  In his own words: “First, I’ll go to every governor and urge them to mandate mask wearing in their states, and, if they refuse, I’ll go to the mayors and county executives and get local mask requirements in place nationwide.”

President Trump is against a national mask mandate, and believes that masks should be a choice.

Joe Biden said he would be open to making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory depending on its efficacy, how much the virus is spreading and “when it comes out and how it’s being distributed.” Alarmingly, the New York State Bar Association is urging the state to adopt mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations once they become available – if “voluntary measures fail to protect public health” – and has recommended following ‘current New York law’ – including exemptions for “religious, philosophical or personal reasons,” according to the New York Law Journal.

President Trump has always said that a COVID-19 vaccine will be a choice, not a federal mandate. This was confirmed to us when Charlene was able to speak to the President on a telephone call and he reiterated his position that vaccines should always be a choice.

President Trump is also against locking down the country again and wants us to be able to start living our lives again, running our businesses, and living in freedom.

Joe Biden is in favor of forced testing, forced contact tracing and surveillance, forced and continual lockdowns, forced quarantines, forced business closures, and more restrictions on our freedom.

Never before has it been so crucial to fight for our health freedom.

And please NEVER forget where the word “lockdown” comes from…

A lockdown is NOT trying to save you from COVID-19. It is a huge step towards reclassifying people as prisoners under martial law and complete destruction of our freedom and liberty.

Fear is Essential to Push the Toxic Vaccine!

Irrational fear of COVID-19, along with widespread government-imposed lockdowns, shutdowns, quarantines, and stay-at-home orders, has crippled the globe. “Health authorities” are now telling us that the only solution for COVID-19 is a mandatory vaccine along with 24/7/365 contact tracing and constant surveillance.

Interestingly, one of the first people to congratulate Joe Biden on his (premature and undecided) “victory” over President Trump was billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates, who would likely be the one actually making vaccine decisions in a Harris-Biden administration. Learn more about Bill Gates here.

According to Mike Adams (the Health Ranger):

As it concerns the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) ‘pandemic,’ which is about as real as Biden winning the election, Gates is overjoyed at the thought that he will soon – or so he thinks – have the opportunity to supplant the alleged future president in getting the ‘surging pandemic under control’ his way. … With Biden as the nation’s figurehead, Gates would have free rein to do as he pleases. And this appears to be his plan with the media’s help. … Gates is counting on COVID-19 vaccines to be manufactured and distributed as quickly as possible, a task that will be much easier with Biden at the helm to rubber-stamp everything that Gates and the true controllers put before him.

Having Biden in the White House is further critical for Gates to successfully forge the foreign partnerships that he so desperately needs to get vaccines rolling off the assembly line all around the world. Since Biden has strong financial and familial ties to nations like China, Gates knows that ousting Trump will accelerate the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s efforts to vaccinate the entire world. … Gates wants Trump gone because he knows that Biden is a puppet who is easily controlled by others, probably due to all the dirt the deep state has on him and his family.”

In the words of Sayer Ji, founder of Stand for Health Freedom:

Bill Gates, a tech billionaire who uses his wealth and status to influence policy, has gone on record saying that life will not return to normal until we can vaccinate the entire global population against COVID-19. Gates has also suggested that the coronavirus vaccine might become part of routine newborn immunizations. To that end, he is pushing for disease surveillance and a vaccine tracking system that might involve embedding vaccination records into our bodies through quantum dot technology.”

Censorship & Suppression

After the blatant censorship on social media, it shouldn’t shock you to learn that Facebook has banned the personal account and public page of Mark Sidney, the co-founder of Spreely, a new social media site that respects the First Amendment rights of its users to the furthest possible extreme, claiming that the tech startup founder is a “dangerous individual” or part of a dangerous organization.

Heck, if Facebook was around on April 18, 1775, when archetypal patriot, Paul Revere, took his famous midnight right shouting “the British are coming” … they would have censored it as FALSE INFO.

At the behest of New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a blacklist of “Trump sycophants” – entitled “Trump Accountability Project” – is archiving the names of individuals who “elected, served, funded, supported, and represented” President Donald Trump.

Are you kidding? AOC and her insane leftists sound more like Stalin every day! And just yesterday, Washington Post “journalist” Jennifer Rubin tweeted that any Republican who challenges the results of the election should never be allowed to serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into “polite” society.

It’s now crystal clear that one of the purposes of the engineered COVID-19 bioweapon was to allow Democrats to steal the election via mail-in ballot fraud.

According to Mike Adams (the Health Ranger):

By deploying the coronavirus weapon in China and allowing it to spread globally (thanks to the WHO and left-wing media calling Trump a “racist” for trying to close flights from China), the globalists were able to engineer long-duration lockdowns across America in defiance of medical or scientific justification.

Adams believes that the lockdowns were intended to crush the economy (and blame Trump) and also to rationalize getting rid of in-person voting and justify mail-in ballots, thus allowing massive election fraud.

Throughout this fake pandemic, the fake news media’s role was to counter the truth at every level with lies and propaganda, pushing for continued lockdowns, running fake polls in favor of Biden, and “calling for Big Tech to censor all pro-Trump channels, voices and news organizations in order to control the narrative and silence any criticism of the Biden crime family.

Adams also asserts the following, with which we agree completely:

Big Tech’s role in all this, of course, was to carry out the censorship and do the bidding of communist China, making sure Biden — whose entire family is on China’s payroll — “wins” the election no matter what. Even now, anyone who posts truthful, factual information about voting irregularities is silenced by Twitter and Facebook.”

Since Biden was “declared” the winner by the lamestream “bought and paid for” media, we haven’t seen any violence from the 71+ million Americans who voted for President Trump. That’s not how we operate. We did participate in Nashville’s “STOP THE STEAL” rally on Saturday, where really pathetic, disgusting piece of human excrement (a male … not a man … although he was over 30 years old) rolled down his window and flipped off Charity (10 years old) and Tabitha (14 years old) and said “F**k you” since they were wearing their red MAGA hats.

At the peaceful MAGA rally, there were BLM protesters there who apparently only knew how to spit, scream, curse, and make lude gestures. Their parents must be really proud.  Ty spoke to one of the Tennessee State Troopers at the event, and told the Trooper that they shouldn’t worry about anything since Trump supporters don’t riot, loot, burn down businesses, destroy cars, or harm anyone. The Trooper replied, “We aren’t worried in the least. You guys never give us any problems. It’s THEM that we’re watching” (referring to BLM who was trying to instigate violence).

Forced Medicine or Freedom?

Since we lost Mom and Dad and 5 other close family members to cancer, we’ve been on a mission to share the truth about cancer, the truth about vaccines, and to galvanize everyone we know to stand up for the freedom to choose which medical interventions are needed and which ones are not. The COVID “plandemic” has provided the globalist controllers with exactly what they need to obliterate freedom and enslave us. And rest assured, COVID vaccines are one of the methods they will use to attempt to subjugate and control us.

Below are some telling screenshots from Ted-tenders, the European public procurement journal, indicating that the UK is seeking artificial intelligence software “to process the expected high volume of Covid-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs)” because it’s not going to be possible to retrofit the legacy systems of the MHRA (Medicine and Healthcare Regulatory Agency) to “handle the volume of ADRs that will be generated by the Covid-19 vaccine.

It appears that they are expecting a LOT of adverse reactions from the Covid-19 vaccine!

As we mentioned above, the COVID-19 vaccines are “messenger RNA” (mRNA) and are intended to “reprogram” our genes to fight the virus. In other words, they will “genetically modify” us. We’re not sure about how everyone else feels, but we don’t think it’s a good idea to be tinkering with our DNA.

Despite all this alarming information, there is talk of a “mandatory” COVID vaccine. The New England Journal of Medicine is now saying that all human beings must be forced to take mandatory COVID vaccines. They insist that those who refuse should face severe punishment.  In an article published in the British Medical Journal, the two “elitist” authors preach from their ivory towers on the medical necessity of vaccine mandates and punishments for non-compliers. Their utilitarian, eugenic perspective is varnished over and presented like a poison apple.

Of course, the reality is that at first, they’ll say it’s not “mandatory” but you just won’t be able to do anything without proof of vaccination. For example, Ticketmaster is planning to check your “COVID vaccination status” prior to allowing you to purchase a ticket to a concert, Billboard reported earlier this week.

And then, if we allow it, the slippery slope will continue.

… No air travel without proof of vaccination …

… No interstate automobile travel without proof of vaccination …

… No “in person” grocery shopping without proof of vaccination …

… No entering government buildings without proof of vaccination …

… and the list goes on and on …

Here’s a tweet by Piers Morgan that illustrates the reality of what they have planned.

Just to be clear, a “mandatory” COVID vaccine is an assault on our freedom and our Constitutional rights.  And any “forced” vaccination is tantamount to human experimentation and runs contrary to informed consent, the Hippocratic Oath, and Nuremberg Code.

Seeing the way that many people blindly obey based upon this fear based campaign reminds us of the old phrase “he who gives up liberty for safety deserves neither.”

And now we have many states “locking down” again and trying to make the entire population wear masks all the time. For instance, Utah just enacted a draconian mask mandate which requires all Utah residents to wear a mask in public and when within 6 feet of anyone that doesn’t live with them. Seriously? Despite the fact that wearing a mask causes physiological changes to multiple organ systems, including the brain, the heart, the lungs, the kidneys and the immune system. (LINK) We’ve written this article on masking that you definitely should read.

Putting all the Puzzle Pieces in Place

We are being told to accept the “new normal” which is a result of COVID. There is NOTHING normal about wearing masks all the time, staying 6 feet away from people, “elbow bumping” rather than hugging, spaying disinfectant on everything in sight, or lining up to take a vaccine that will turn you into a “genetically modified” human.

It’s very likely that eventually the COVID-19 vaccine will be accompanied by the requirement of a “health passport” and/or a digital ID, with subsequent “contact tracing” of everyone in the entire world. Those who refuse will be prevented from traveling, buying, and selling.

One of the reasons that coronavirus was released is to propagate panic and legitimize draconian restrictions on freedom and liberties while cunningly creating a global economic crisis.

We are literally in the middle of an epic clash between GOOD and EVIL.

Who would ever have thought that, in America, citizens would be arrested for gathering outside or for simply wanting to walk down the street?  Who would have dreamed that good people would be criticized and even jailed for merely wanting to breathe, wanting to keep their business open and feed their families, and for wanting to attend church and sing hymns?

But this “Orwellian” nightmare is happening all over the world. And while hypocritical politicians are secure inside their palaces and mansions (some in their basements) promulgating “mandates” and “decrees” like dictators, businesses are failing, stores are closing, and innocent citizens are banned from traveling, working, praying, and living life as free beings.

The catastrophic psychological consequences of the COVID “psyop” are already being seen, evidenced by the suicides of desperate business owners and of our children, isolated from classmates and friends, told to “mask up” while sitting at home alone “attending” classes on their computer.

This recent election is vitally important, and it’s not due to eventual “Republican” or “Democrat” majorities in the Senate or the House or for the sake of this or that political program.

This election is so significant in this particular time in history, because of the evil globalist “rulers” who want to eviscerate our freedoms by means of the COVID-19 lockdown and planned forced medical interventions, which will determine who is “eligible” to travel, shop, or even be in public.

And please remember: Our adversary is not each other!  Our adversary is the enemy of the human race, who the Bible describes as “a murderer from the beginning.”

We believe that President Donald J. Trump is the last garrison against a global dictatorship. He has clearly stated that he wants to defend the nation, drain the swamp, extinguish the deep state, and preserve our freedom. Well, a majority of the swamp and deep state are “elite” globalists who want destroy our country. President Trump has openly stated that he is in favor of personal choice in vaccines and masking, keeping businesses open, and allowing people to live their lives and make their own decisions about their health.

Joe Biden is a person who is manipulated by the deep state, seriously compromised by corruption and scandals, indebted to (and owned by) China, and who has no allegiance to America. The fact that he and his family are subject to blackmail will expose him to be used unscrupulously by his controllers, allowing illegitimate powers to interfere in both domestic politics as well as international balances.  He has also openly stated that he is in favor of forced masking, forced vaccines, forced lockdowns, forced contact tracing, forced business closures, and more restrictions on personal health freedom.

Hillary Clinton called us “deplorables” and Biden called us “chumps” and AOC wants to create a list to track Trump supporters. Over the past 4 years, we have been vilified, bashed, attacked, mocked, censored, and demonized, but now, fake-President-elect Biden has called for “unity.”

Sure thing Patriots! Let’s all get on board so we can “heal” under Joe Biden, aka, “the big guy.”  No thanks, Joe. We’re not about to forgive and forget the past 4 years of hatred nor the past 47 years of ineptitude. We do not support known criminals who are bought and paid for by China, Ukraine, and Russia.

In this crucial hour, under President Trump’s leadership, America is defending the wall against which the war declared by the globalists has been unleashed. Stand up for health freedom NOW or potentially lose it forever.

We, THE PEOPLE, have the power in our constitutional republic to secure our civil liberties if we refuse to live in fear and if we elect lawmakers who cherish freedom as much as we do.

God bless the USA!

Stand firm President Trump!

Stay frosty Patriots!