Ticketmaster – No Vaccine, No Ticket!

Concert-goers could be asked to verify their coronavirus vaccination status before allowing admission to future live events, according to comments from Ticketmaster president Mark Yovich.[1]

Yovich said that preparations are already being made to try to build a system where customers can be vaccine verified prior to ticket purchase. The system isn’t just taking vaccination into account:

“We’re already seeing many third-party health care providers prepare to handle the vetting – whether that is getting a vaccine, taking a test, or other methods of review and approval – which could then be linked via a digital ticket so everyone entering the event is verified,” – NME [1]

Since this story first broke they have made a further statement to say this is just a system they are building as part of the service they offer clients, whether their clients choose to use it is entirely up to them.

This is the new normal they’ve been talking about, this is just a glimpse of what the new World will look like. It doesn’t matter that the vaccine doesn’t stop the spread infection, it doesn’t matter that a negative test doesn’t mean you don’t have it, this is about compliance, this is about control. 

I should mention that Pfizer have yet to release their study data and have yet to identify whether or not the vaccine prevents transmission:

“If it’s stopping infection then, by definition, it should be stopping transmission from one person to another. If you don’t get the infection because you’ve been immunised you’re not going to infect me anyway. But, if what you’re getting is an asymptomatic infection, there is still the risk potential that you could infect me, although it will almost certainly be a lot lower than if you are actually clinically ill.” – The Guardian[2]

Slightly worrisome that they still know so little about the Vaccine, even though it’s being pushed for public usage as early as Christmas, don’t you think?

Government’s will not need to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine, they’ll just make life impossible for many if you don’t get the vaccine, which ultimately is the same as mandating.

Unfortunately, most people will just go ahead and take the vaccine, sad, but true.

Let me know what you think about this latest news from Ticketmaster, would you get vaccinated to watch your favourite band?

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